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  1. @diogo yes i did and worked fine, and thank you. is there any way to customize how CSV file will display, cause everything seems crushing, is there any way to set the width and label names of CSV file ?
  2. i got some errors when i exported the CSV file i'll share the error and Batch setting
  3. @Macrura Thanks the replies and i apologize for the late reply i did download the Batch Child Edit and installed it too, but it seems like i couldn't work it out despite reading this : https://processwire.com/modules/batch-child-editor/
  4. @Macrura as i mentioned before im a newbie to PW platform. is there any way to find an example of " custom script. " i need to write in order the export will work. Looking forward to hear your thoughts and thank you so much.
  5. First, thank you so much guys for the replies...Such a supporting community. Love it i did upload it to cpanel manually, but still not displayed when i refresh, it somehow confusing Like is there any way to export my stored in my "ProFields: Page Table" field in a CSV file ? Looking forward to hear your thoughts guys
  6. i tried the debug option set it to true, still not working. and even when i uploaded it manually, cant find it module processwire to install it
  7. @diogo i have followed the instructions and still nothing, i cannot upload modules. Btw i do appreciate your help, you did me a great favor...Thank you
  8. @diogo it seems like "TableCsvImportExport" required other modules in order to install. Plus i'm no longer able to upload modules after upgrading my Processwire from 3.0.96 to 3.0.165
  9. Hi @diogo Your solution worked fine and in i really thank you for that. i have like one more question if you please, How to export the data stored in my "ProFields: Page Table" field in a CSV file ? Looking forward to hear your thoughts
  10. Hi @diogo Thank you so much for the reply, i did as you said, but the table displayed blank
  11. Btw i have searched for FormBuilder and i found it's a paid Module, is there any Free module to test with ?
  12. Hi @netcarver i used an old ready website and i only changed the template. i mean i didn't download and installed a new processwire project is that what you mean by Did i inherit a website or something ?
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