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  1. Hi thank you all for reply on my question , i already tried to files copy many times from old server to new one and import sql nothing help always got the same error . i even tried many php version with no success. already deleted cache not working too !! migrating with duplicator module is not available anymore as the website is removed from old server . i will rebuild the website with wordpress !! thank you all
  2. Hello Processwire Profi, as i am new to Processwire , i had a customer who need to move his website to our server (Plesk) i moved as tutorial on this form step by step, but website wont look same and jquery error are showing. the slider wont work and foto gallerie ! maybe some one can tell me where is the problem that i can fix it would be very nice. SQL database is connected properly ! here is the web to check : https://www.krewitt-transporte.de thank you in advance best regard from Germany Ali
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