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  1. Hello everyone, I encountered a strange behavior when I do something like this (which I actually do all the time): <p><? print $page->something; ?></p> What happens is that there is a whitespace at the end which is selectable at least in FF and visible in most other browsers when selected. You can find it on the PW website as well, e.g. headline on this page ("About ProcessWire "): https://processwire.com/about/It must have something to do with PW because I cannot find that bug anywhere else. I thought it might have something to do with how the code is formatted but it proved wrong. The whitespace is of course not in the variables itself since it even happens with print "hello"; It's not a big thing but it annoys me anyway... Bike
  2. Hi everyone, am I just stupid or is there no chance to overwrite field properties for an (image) field that's inside of a repeater field? I need to adjust settings (1 image only, max. size etc.) but I cannot. Instead I have to create a dedicated image field and add that to the repeater. Thanks :)
  3. Hello everyone! I am new to PW and at this moment there are these issues that I cannot clearly understand: 1) Image Position Previously I used TinyMCE and there I could get an image floating left or right by simply selecting it and pressing the text justify buttons from the menu bar. In CKEditor however it just causes the hole paragraphs content to be aligned which results in code like this and of course the image is not floating that way: <p class="xyz" style="text-align:right"><img alt="" src="someimage.jpg" width="1000" /></p> Q: Is it possible to add float to images just by clicking the text align buttons? As far as I figured it out the only way to align images is within the image dialouge which I find is pretty inconvenient. 2) Image Caption / Figure / Figcaption When a title is given to an image it is wrapped inside a figure tag and a figcaption tag is applied. That's fine. But I need the image to be wrapped inside another picture tag for styling reasons (I want to add a shadow png with picture::after). I'd like to end up with this: <figure><picture><img alt="" src="someimage.jpg" width="1000" /></picture> <figcaption>Caption there</figcaption> </figure> Q: I think I have to modify the plugins code to achieve it, right? If so does anyone knows the file / location? Q: If a figure tag is placed how would I change its position say to another paragraph? Drag & drop just relocates the image leaving the figure tag where it was. How to reposition the whole thing? Q: How / where would I enter image description the be shown only in say a lightbox but not alongside the image itself? I thought the textarea provided in the image field could do the job but how to access it from the editor? Even possible? Well I hope someone understands and I'd be thankful for a clue of any of these questions. ✌️ Bike
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