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  1. Thank you for your input, @zoeck and @dragan. One of my colleagues suggested I try using https://github.com/winnfsd/vagrant-winnfsd Installing this plugin fixed everything. I hope this can help others out there facing the same issue.
  2. Ok, so I think I have found the issue but unfortunately no solution. Whenever I have synced shared folders in Vagrant, I'm unable to log in. And whenever I only have my project on my virtual server, and not locally without shared folders, everything is OK. I log in without problems. So I'm guessing there's something about my Vagrant settings. Has anyone out there run in to this problem?
  3. I have tried different browsers and incognito mode, and they all have the same result.
  4. Hi. I'm currently stuck at the login page in my project. Once I enter my admin username and my password and press login, nothing happens. The page just reloads. However, the URL changes from http://myipaddress/processwire to http://myipaddress/processwire/?login=1. I've checked all of my server settings, and to my knowledge, all seems to be fine there. I don't know where to go from here.. Thanks in advance!
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