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  1. Hello, I am new to Processwire. I need to have a holiday calendar in CMS so that an admin can add all holidays of current year in that calendar and save it at once. Depending on the holidays I can calculate Deadlines required for given tasks. So for eg. if tomorrow is a holiday, It will not be considered in the total time spent on a given task. Total time spent will resume directly from day after tomorrow. Processwire has built in datetime field, but it saves only one date at a time. How to save all holidays at once and use them to calculate Due datetime for a given task. I have been searching for a module for couple of days but nothing fits my use case. Thanks in advance, Kola
  2. OK I got it working. foreach ($arr as $a) { $p->assigned_to->add($a); } didnt know add and remove methods work with AsmSelect Apologies,
  3. I have tried below code..this also doesnt work. $p->of(false); $p->assigned_to = array($u->level1,$u->level2,$u->level3); $p->save('assigned_to'); $p->save();
  4. I am a newbie in processwire. Apologies in advance if its a silly doubt. I have an AsmSelect field in my CMS which is "assigned_to". It is user reference field which assigns multiple user to the task. I want to save multiple users in this field in CMS using API. So far I am able to save one user at a time using following. $p->assigned_to = $u->level1; $p->save(); I have tried few different things but I am not able to save multiple users in AsmSelect. Please help. Thanks in advance
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