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  1. @kongondo, thanks. 2. It isn't but it could be. @horst, that module looks like a gem. Thank you. @gmclelland, I'm sure it will help me. Thanks guys. I do have a better ideia about what can be done and I'll try it in the coming days.
  2. Hi. I'm trying a new combo with Processwire + Gridsome + Netlify. My data is in Processwire, available via a custom API and I'm fetching it with Axios to the Gridsome data layer. Everytime I push my code to Github, Netlify will deploy a new version of the site with the updated content. What's missing is some kind of automation that allows me to commit & push to Github every time a page is saved in Processwire. Does anyone know how to do that or point me in the right direction? Thanks.
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