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  1. Thank you Robin for pointing me in to the right direction So as you said the issue was from the Page Query Boss module. Actually it was not an issue of the plugin but I had to change the configuration of the output. The default output format is an array with the "PAGE NAME" as keys. Instead I used the ids as keys. $modules = wire('modules'); $modules->get('PageQueryBoss')->defaults['index-id'] = ['Page']; $pages->find('template=templateNAME')->pageQueryJson($query);
  2. Hello Huseyin I have many pages which share the same "PAGE NAME", but there are not on the same level. For example: Level1/PAGE_NAME_EXAMPLE Level1/level2/PAGE_NAME_EXAMPLE Level1/level2/level3/PAGE_NAME_EXAMPLE $pages->find('template=templateNAME')->pageQueryJson($query); So for example if we had to retrieve the above example of pages I would get only one of those. I'm not sure if it gets the first or the last match. If I change the "PAGE NAME" to something unique then I'm getting the page. Thank you Spyros
  3. Hello I'm having a strange issue with the $page->find(), for some reason I'm missing some of the pages from the results. I found then that I was missing all the pages with the same "PAGE NAME". Is it a bug or am I missing something? PS If I change the "PAGE NAME" of one of the missing ones then I'm retrieving the page without any problem. Thank you
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