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  1. Stupid error. I put more than one translation on the same row
  2. Hi, I made a site with Processwire some time ago and now I have to modify it. I have added some strings to translate in few php templates (as " __('String') "), but I can't translate it from the Languages module. I removed them, added them, etc ... but I have always the only string that there was in the first original template. The weird thing is that if I search for one of the new strings in the language's Live Search, it comes out there! I click on it and it takes me back to that translation, but there is always only the old string and not the new one... Is there something i'm missing? Some general refresh or anything else?
  3. As i thought, there was something strange. I tried a new fresh install and i put a custom site profile with my site backup and now it works like a charm!
  4. Hi, i've a strange problem and after hours i decide to write here. I have a working site with processwire updated to the latest version, set in two languages and it has been running quietly for a year. Now I have to add a language and I don't understand why I can't make it go! I added the language in the "languages" menu, I added a translation to the language code present in my _main.php (it, translated in en in the english version and obviously in fr in the new french version) and I also have change the url of the homepage on the page, adding the french version. Everything worked correctly on a twin site afterwards. Not here! The language switcher links correctly the urls of the translated pages (www.site/fr/xxx), but when I click I see the English version of the page (the default language is Italian) with an address in the browser bar of this type: www.site.it/en/xxx/?it=fr/xxx/ (xxx is the same). I checked any language options, looked at language references in the templates, etc, but I'm starting to think that something is corrupted at the database level. What are you saying? Thank you guys
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