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  1. @teppoThanks for the feedback. I'll just do periodic polling. Its fine. If I need quicker updates, without spamming so much, I'll just use the "long polling" hack, or signalR. I see now that there would be no problem using signalR with processwire. My confusion was really about howto use vuejs with processwire. As both of them generate the html code for a page, they would be stepping on each other toes. I somehow thought i absolutely needed vuejs, if i was going to do any dynamic changes in the DOM. But I can generate the page with processwire, and then just use jQuery to do the dynamic updates to the DOM.
  2. @bernhard Thanks for the code. Very helpful. The solution to the problem looks so simple now. I'll just generate the page in processwire, and use jquery doing the rest query, for finding the correct element by id, and for updating the DOM. I don't need to use vuejs, at all. It would just complicate matters.
  3. Thanks. That is helpful. I think I'll do it that way instead.
  4. Thanks for the reply and the welcome. I read about the "output strategies". As far as i can tell both the "direct output" and "delayed output" are about static rendering. The visitor to a page will have to reload the page to see any changes. I have managed to programatically set the field values of a page (every few seconds), from a script running on command line (using the proceswire API). In vuejs, changes to values in the store, cause a dynamic re-rendering of part of the page affected. I'll have a try with storing some values in processwire fields (the ones that rarely change and therefore dont require dynamic rendering), and storing other values in the vuejs store (the ones that often change and therefore require dynamic rendering). That should work fine. I guess i was hoping there was some way for vuejs to work directly on the processwire fields themselves. Cheers, bob
  5. Im new to processwire, so I'd like to ask your advice. Processwire seems to be focused on static templates and websites. Is it possible to make some fields render dynamically? I haven't found any tutorials making dynamic websites in processwire. For example lets say i want to create a webpage that describes a company, where most text on the page rarely change (static), but the page also includes a stock price ticker that changes every few seconds (dynamic). I imagine messages would be got somehow by simple http polling (or "long polling") without the need for any websockets. (I previously made a dynamic website in C# using signalR and vuejs, without processwire. I used signalR to push dynamic updates from the backend to the frontend, and vuejs to render the website. I liked vuejs a lot. I'm a windows application developer with little experience with frontend development, so using signalR seemed a good idea at the time. This time i would like to use processwire and avoid the signalR framework, as it seems overkill and I'm not sure how well it integrates with processwire) Thanks, bob
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