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  1. Hi bernhard / teppo, Can it really be that simple? Thanks for the very prompt replies and good advice 🙂
  2. I'm new to ProcessWire and I have been tasked with moving ProcessWire to a new Webserver (Win 2003 -> 2016), I would be greatful for advice with the following. We maintain 2 separate processwire sites on 2 seperate versions (I really don't know why). One version is v2.5.7 the other being v2.7.1. I noice there is a ProcessWireUpgrade module developed by Ryan having with the last update being deployed in 5th Dec 2016. which is compatible with v2.5 - v3.0. is this a viable option? How can I determine if both sites are connecting to the same MySQL database? Is there a simple step by step guide for Windows. I've attempted to research the best approach however from the threads I've read I don't see any best practice steps. https://processwire.com/talk/topic/15682-backup-website-best-practice/
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