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  1. Thanks Arjen, i was about to write something about the process today. Much appreciated all the help. Hannie
  2. Hi! Thanks, i have to set up filezilla tomorrow, never needed it before because the host was taling very good care of it for me until they decided to stop their designer team go. Anyway, once I have set up filezilla, I Will post. As for your question, the .eu extension as well as the .de extensions won't let be log into the back-end. I might have to start from scratch... Haagje.
  3. Hi, thanks for the quick welcome! I upload one example of the error message that I get. I would even be willing to share my computer (for instance sharing my screen during a skypecall) or Teamviewer so someone who has more knowledge than myself, can walk me through the steps.
  4. Hi everyone, I am new to processwire. Until recently my website was maintained by a designdepartment at my webhost. The webhost decided to discontinue this department, and, because of my site being there in PW, I am now the admin with all rights. However, I know how to edit my content and change/add pages, I have no idea how to update my version of PW. It cannot communicate with PHP7.2 resulting in sections on my page with downtime. Is there anyone in this community who is willing to share their knowledgde and teach me how I can do the neccesary work to keep the sites fully running? My sites are running on PW version 3.0.123 Thanks in advance! Haagje.
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