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    Hi, really like the overall design! Maybe you could re-check it with Firefox? Seems like the div "footer-design" is misplaced:
  2. Wow, thank you both so much for answering so quickly! Ahh, I feel stupid now. I downloaded the dev release two months ago, when I was still playing with Processwire and before deciding to use it... looks like I forgot that I was not using stable. Thanks for your help and for the welcome 🙂 Thank you! Upgrading to the 3.0.146 version fixed the error immediately.
  3. Hello, all, I created a processwire site and I have a problem: I get a 500 internal server error, instead of a 404, when visiting a non-existant URL If I visit a non-existant URL when logged in as admin, I get this error: Error: Exception: Operator '&' is not supported for 'status'. (in /home/user/example.com/wire/core/PageFinder.php line 2211) #0 /home/user/example.com/wire/core/PageFinder.php(1212): ProcessWire\PageFinder->getQueryNativeField(Object(ProcessWire\DatabaseQuerySelect), Object(ProcessWire\SelectorBitwiseAnd), Array, Array, Object(ProcessWire\Selectors)) #1 /home/user/example.com/wire/core/Wire.php(386): ProcessWire\PageFinder->___getQuery(Object(ProcessWire\Selectors), Array) #2 /home/user/example.com/wire/core/WireHooks.php(813): ProcessWire\Wire->_callMethod('___getQuery', Array) #3 /home/user/example.com/wire/core/Wire.php(442): ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks(Object(ProcessWire\PageFinder), 'getQuery', Array) #4 /home/user/example.com/wire/core/PageFinder.php(410): ProcessWire\Wire->__call('getQuery', Array) #5 /home/user/example.com/wire/core/Wire.php(386): ProcessWire\PageFinder->___find(Object(ProcessWire\Selectors In attempts to solve the problem, I tried the following: created a `404.html` in the web root and edited `.htaccess` to `ErrorDocument 404 /404.html` as suggested here. It works great with requests like `https://example.com/lll ooo`, but, as explained in the article, it doesn't (and shouldn't) work with `https://example.com/lllooo`. Still 500 error. Created a `404.php` in `/site/templates/` and used it as a template for the 404 Page. I can view `example.com/404http` (the exact page URL), but with an actual non-existant page, still 500 error. Added `$config->http404PageID = 27;` in `site/config.php` (though the line already exists in `wire/config.php`, still no luck. Due to the `&` symbol in the error message when logged in, I cannot correctly google the error. For reference, I use ProcessWire 3.0.143, PHP 7.3, MySQL 5.7. Any insight? I don't know how to even start to troubleshoot this, any sort of hint is appreciated.
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