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  1. Hi there, I have been trying for days, but unfortunately without any good results.. Within my website users log in, and each user has personal files he/she can download. Everything works perfectly thanks to the module, however I cannot wrap my head around the following: - On the 'overview' page, the user can see an overview of their files after they logged in. Lets call this page 'overview.php.' - On the 'download' page, the module's API is called. overview.php: // files are placed in a repeaterfield that contains the 'securefile' and a 'title' field. <?php foreach ($user->fileRepeater as $id => $f): ?> <a href="/download?id=<?= $id ?>"> Download button </a> <?php endforeach ?> download.php: <?php secureFile = $user->fileRepeater->eq($input->get->id)->file; $secureFile->isDownloadable(); $secureFile->download(); ?> Unfortunately, this does not work for me. The page URL does not pass the $id query parameter, it simply redirects to '/download.' If anyone has any ideas.. I am very much open to it! (edit) Solution: Some problems have simple solutions.. download.php wasn't working due to the URL ending incorrectly.. As I wanted to pass as specific ID through $input->get->id, it simply didn't pass the id because the URL ended with a slash.. Solved it by going to the template in question within PW > URLs > Should page URLs end with a slash > No
  2. Thanks for your reply, K07n! I have another question, if I may... I simply inserted . as path, which creates a permission-restricted path in my httpdocs. However, I would like to redirect its location to the relative path: ./../secured-files-dir Unfortunately whenever I insert anything except . as path, I still get the same error: ProcessWire: ProcessUser: Secure File: Path '/' does not exist or is not writeable
  3. I was not able to make this work on due to the following issue: ProcessWire: ProcessUser: Secure File: Path '/' does not exist or is not writeable I have tried multiple directories and approaches to change permissions, but PW could simply not find the path I specified with pwd. I am running the local server on Processwire 3.0.148. Any suggestions?
  4. In my case, sessions were not handled correctly. In order to fix it: 1. I installed the core module Session Handler Database (SessionHandlerDB) locally, 2. Create a mysqldump of my local database 3. Imported the mysqldump to my online environment 4. Voila!
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