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  1. Thank you for the reply @louisstephens The reference you send seems very promising! Because some project specific reasons, (one is that in a near future the sites could be moved to a dedicated hosting for each one) i prefered the site duplication. In the end i used the "ProcessExportProfile" (Export Site Profile) module, that worked beautifully.
  2. Hello! I have a site that i want to clone several times to make versions with slightly different content and language: mysite.com mysite.it mysite.de and so on.. I made "mysite.com" wich is working nicely, and now i added addon domains (on the same server) where i want to put copies of the main site, then, create new locallized content. So after setting up in Cpanel, i have the root of my server with: -several system files and folders and: public_html/ -> (where my main site is) mysite.it/ -> (where my italian version is) I copied the main site to the folder mysite.it and cloned the database with a new name, then adjusted site/config.php accordingly for the new database and domain name. The clone site "mysite.it" is responding ok, but when i login in the administrator i only can see the main menu, and there is no content to manage (even when is showing in the site) the debug is failing to show on screen (there are jquery errors on console) I tried messing a bit with the .htaccess without positive results (uncomenting #RewriteBase /) Im a bit exhausted at the time, so excuse me if my description is a bit obtuse, will be happy to provide more information if better context is needed.
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