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  1. Eureka! I copied the .htaccess file from the blank install into the root folder of the newly-moved site. Now it seems to be working fine. Thanks for getting me on the right track, Robin.
  2. I've done a blank install of PW in the new environment (a different account on the same server). It's got CPanel and the Softalicious installer, so that much is easy. Yes, the server will run PW. I've been intending to play with the blank install for a few weeks, but... There's no .htaccess in the file list on my FTP client. I would have thought it just copied with the other files, but it's not there.
  3. Oops. I neglected to mention that this is PW version 2.5, from 2014. I'll be updating to the new version once I get the site working.
  4. I'm a generalist web designer/developer who is still unfamiliar with PW, I keep meaning to invest some brain cells in figuring out how this thing works, but other projects keep intervening. I've inherited a PW site. I've moved it to a new host, and it's not working right. I copied all of the files from the old host to the new. I exported the database, set up a new copy, and changed the user/password in the config file to access the new db. The home page works OK on the new host. But, all of the inside pages throw up 404 errors. I get a url like: https://www.guidetodrawing.com/getting-started/guidelines/ I really don't even know how to begin troubleshooting/fixing this. There's no folder called "getting-started", that seems to be a variable that's getting parsed by a script. Is there something simple I'm missing? thanks in advance Garth
  5. That explains the closing delimeter thang quite well. Thanks.
  6. Eureka! I'm in. Robin's script new user script worked beautifully. Now I have access to the admin panel for the live site and I've got a blank install of PW running on another domain to use as a sandbox so I can figure out if I want to invest a whole bunch of brain cells in PW for future projects. What I'd been doing wrong... I think. I'd been adding a closing delimeter ( ?> ) to the scripts. I thought they were required. I noticed that nobody was using them, so I thought I'd try this one without the close, and voila! This is more of a PHP question than a PW one, but aren't closing delimeters always required? What's different about this case? And thanks for all the help, everybody. It's a big point in PW's favor that it has this active helpful community.
  7. I tried a line-by-line approach to find out what's causing the error. It's line 2: $admin = $users->get(41); Is it possible there is no user 41 in this install?
  8. This just throws up an internal server error without resetting. Double fiddlesticks.
  9. Well, fiddlesticks. It took some fumbling and googling to get terminal access. Then it took a while figure out the path to use to replace "myproject". Once I had the full server path there, the error changed from "no such file or directory" to "could not open input file", but it still didn't work. When I tried Chris' method, I just got a configuration error on the page I tried to view to trigger the reset, and the reset didn't happen. I'm not sure what to try next, perhaps cloning the site to a domain I'm not using on a host environment I'm more familiar with.
  10. Impressive, Sergio. You answered my next question before I asked it! Yes, I do not know the admin user name. I was trying the password reset, but I looked at the code (I write vanilla PHP; my OOP PHP is really shaky) and I said "isn't that assuming I know what the admin user name is?" I'll give it a try.
  11. Thanks. The problem is, I wasn't given that login. The site was set up by a pre-previous webmaster, so the more recent one almost certainly doesn't have this login. I've got logins for a hosting account, for ftp, and for a database, but not a PW admin. I've looked at the config file, thinking there might be a clue, I've tried using the ftp, db, and hosting logins, thinking the old webmaster might have recycled the login, all to no avail so far.
  12. Hi all- I'm a small town generalist web designer/developer, I mostly hand-code sites using Brackets, PHP, MySQLi, etc. I just started work for a new client who has several small sites. Even though the sites have inter-related content, each of them are pretty much in their own world in terms of structure and development tools. One's built on Wordpress, one has a simple custom mysql database, one's fairly sophisticated hand-coded html5 with some Bootstrap, and one is a ProcessWire site. I had never heard of ProcessWire until I got ftp access to this site and started looking at the files. I really don't know where to begin with the existing site in an unfamiliar CMS. Does anybody have any words of wisdom while I poke the thing with a stick? Is there some sort of an admin panel somewhere? Is it database driven? Once I start exploring Processwire am I likely to fall in love and start converting other sites to it? For reference, here's the ProcessWire site: https://guidetodrawing.com/ Here's it's similar-looking, inter-related sister site built with different tools: https://www.guidetooilpainting.com/index.html Thanks in advance Garth
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