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    Thanks jmartsch! There are lots of questions but they have already be asked here. Until now I found always an answer. But if so I will ask for sure. Right now there is no really need.
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    Thank you!

    I am relativelay new to Processwire and started about 3 weeks ago with it. I tried all tutorials, read a lot in the forums and played around with several provided code snippets here and I must say: Wow! I used to use Wordpress as I could get things done with plugins all the way through but with Processwire I feel like I have everything in control as I "have to" take care of everything I want to accomplish. I spend every free minute learning Processwire and learned more about PHP (and Processwire) than ever before. I wasn't and still be not a programmer but Processwire gives me the ability to become one. I read people saying "Processwire is your CMS of choice" but I think i also helps you to understand the basic of PHP programming. if/else or foreach or whatever... Processwire give me what PHP tutorials are missing. Maybe in a week or two I already can publish my very first and "self programmed" website ever. Without Wordpress or any plugins from other people. Thank you all for giving those verbose code snippets that every newbie understands! P.S. I hope this is the right place to post this. Sorry if not.
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