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  1. Just for the records: There is a simpler solution now: $siblings = $page->siblings(false);
  2. Zeka, thanks, this worked, also with save in foreach. 😀
  3. Hello, I'm importing pages from the last CMS into PW. This works very well with a database dump. But I'm having problems saving the images and downloads for each page. I copied all of the files in a folter I specified in $upload_path: ... $page->save(); $imagegallery = explode(",", $value['filelist1']); foreach($imagegallery as $filename) { //$page->imagegallery[] = $upload_path . $filename; //$page->imagegallery->add((string)$upload_path . $filename); $page->set("imagegallery", $upload_path . $filename); } $page->save(); none of the lines worked :( Is there a trick I don't know? Thanks, Beate
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