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  1. It worked, thanks! But isn't that a security issue?
  2. Situtation: website has been running for years without problems. We are implementing changes and setup a "dev" subdomain to be able to compare old and new. What went wrong: the hoster makes it possible to change the MySQL dbUser password. Which I accidentally did. Now the new password is not the same as the one defined in the config.php file under "$config->dbPass = ..." and the CMS cannot access the DB anymore. Nothing is working anymore! Assumptions: in config.php under "$config->dbPass = " the string saved is the salted hashed password, i.e. "myFreaking$difficultPassword" would be saved as f.ex. "jfeime7??6$$3!2". Is that right? What I need to be able to do: how can I generate that salted hashed password from the plain text password I entered on the host's webinterface for the dbUser? Or: do I just need to set "$config->dbPass" to the plain text password I entered on the hoster's webinterface to change de dbUser Password?
  3. thanks bernhard! Now, it works! I had issues with the path to the geojson file ! How would you debug, if there is no error message in the log?
  4. Yes, node_modules is at the same level as site... I'll try this on Monday... I'll post an update! Thanks!
  5. Nope, all show a status 200... What is weird though, is that when I am logged in as an 'admin' and I load the requested page, I get a list of 404 messages in the admin-backend (how do you call that?). Do I need to give read access to those folders, i.e. node_modules/...?
  6. Thanks. Yes, I am newbie to pw and PHP but I do understand the basics. To me, if I use (I do hardcoding just for testing) the same HTML snippet and the same JS file on a page in PW as I do in the openlayers workshop, *it should* work, right? To the browser it should look the same. My output as HTML code is the same and the script is loaded, but NOT executed, which is what I don't understand. What might be of help, is that the map.js does not appear in the list of loaded JS but if I click on it in the HTML inspector I get exactly the same file as in my IDE.
  7. Hi Steve, thanks! I wouldn't know of any scripts or adblockers running in my browser... I cleared the browser cache about a 1000 times 😉 About the stackoverflow question: I test in firefox. What seems weird to me is that if I install the workshop example (which does not work with PHP, only with plain HTML and JS) if works fine. But if I copy the HTML snippets and the JS file to processwire (and I assume I do that correctly) it does not work. There seems to be an issue with PHP (to which I am a total newbie). Here are the 3 files to install on a local machine in the downloaded "openlayers-workshop-en.zip ". The workshop tutorial can be found here. If anyone gets it to run in processwire -> congrats! kantone.geojson index.html main.js
  8. For now I am trying to have the map showing on the local machine, no server *stuff*.
  9. One more thing: the map.js content is exactly the same as in the workshop website that is running correctly...
  10. Hi Dragan, thanks for the quick answer. No, afaik, openlayers does not require an API key like Googlemaps. In Firefox every now and then I see the following error: But I might reload the page and the error is gone, even when Clearing the Cache. When I use autocompletion for the Import Statement in my map.js, it'll find the file. But when loading the Webpage it might say And it seems that I need to define the JS script as a module <script type="module" src="<?php echo $config->urls->templates ?>scripts/map.js"></script> To me it seems right now, that there is a mismatch between the IDE (phpstorm) using autocompletion for the path to the source and processwire loading the source on the Client. Any Suggestion?
  11. I have an existing processwire website. A copy of that is running on my local machine. I have another local website running the openlayers workshop that I adapted to my needs (openlayers.org/) (workshop). That's how the website with the adapted workshop data looks like. I want to add that openlayers map in the processwire website. But here is the result: a black hole! ;-( I have googled for hours but have not found anything usable. Is there something special I need to know to add an openlayers map in a php CMS?
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