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    @Zeka Thanks! That's exactly what i'm looking for. I'm updating a lots of stats via php and python. Now i can put some data into `caches` table through external scripts and fetch it from PW. The magic date 2010-04-08 03:10:10 clearly shows 'expireNever' on I'm not sure it is ok to use if(!$yesterday_matches) { if return value is null. @ZekaThanks for prompt and detailed answer!
  2. ripper2600

    Thanks for answer! 'autojoin' will not help in my case. I should read more about cache API. I already look in `caches` table early but do not find any variables except FileCompiler__xxxx. By the way all expires rows in `caches` table have same datetime (in my case 2010-04-08 03:10:10).
  3. Hi, Is there easy way to auto load custom data from database on every page. For example Wordpress store this in wp_options and loads fields that are marked for autoload. I have football related site and want to show how many matches are played (today,yesterday and tomorrow) but don't want to query database each time for things that will not change at least 24H.