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  1. @teppo Thanks for pointing that out! This is probably exactly what I was looking for! I guess I got confused by the background colors. I guess that's because this is supposed to be a display of hierarchy, which was not immediately apparent to me, instead I assumed there were only three commands available to me.
  2. Is it possible to automate the installation process of PW? With WordPress and thanks to [wp-cli]( I can automate the installation and configuration of my installation with a simple bash-script. Is something like that possible with ProcessWire, too? In other words: Is there a way to install PW purely through commands on the command line without having to go through the installation wizard first? Thanks in advance! P.S.: I know of [wireshell](, but this doesn't seem to have any documentation on my use case or similar functionality as wp-cli (e. g. [wp core install](, [wp db create](