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  1. Hello, I increased the password Length at the settings of the field "pass", but this does not affect the register or profile form of the LoginRegister Module. The form still shows "minimum 6 characters". Adding the other attributes like number, or special characters is working. Any ideas, or should I post a bug report?
  2. Great. Many thanks!
  3. Hallo, I tried to hook the adding of a new User to get a new subpage saved as a sort of user directory. But I didn't get it. First I tried Page::saved in ready.php (limitation on User-page ist missing). I want to get the name of the user added before and save a page under /Abos with the user-name as page title.: wire()->addHookAfter('Page::saved', function($event) { $savedUser = $event->object; $userpage = wire('pages')->find("parent=Abos, name=".$savedUser->name); if ( count($userpage) == 0 ) { $page = new Page(); $page->template = 'Abos'; $page->parent = wire('pages')->get('/Abos'); $page->title = $savedUser->name; $page->save(); } }); but this leads in never stopping new added pages under /Abos. Then I tried the same code with: wire()->addHookAfter('User::added', function($event) { That doesn't work. Hints appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Yes, it did. Great! Thanks!
  5. Hello, I have a field of the type page. I want to use the order, I selected in the admin. I do: foreach($pages->find("id=".$page->fieldname) as $child) { the IDs are in right order, but the found pages not. "sort=sort" is the sorting of the pages in the page tree, but I want the sorting I did manually for the field which is in the Database in table field_fieldname in "sort". Can I use this sorting in $pages->find? Or is there an other way? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the quick answer! (I am impressed of the processwire api and the community support)
  7. @bernhard: Where to find it? In Moduls I onlay found other of your modules, like RockFinder, RockPdf, etc. , but no RockGrid. Thanks.
  8. Thanks. I installed the ProcessAdminActions Module. This workes good for me. Maybe there will be sometimes the possibility to check or multiselect pages in the page tree an than manipulate or delete it.
  9. Is it possible to delete more than one page at once from the page tree? (module?) Thanks Roman
  10. pout

    Thanks, that module works good! But I think I, don't need this two way binding. I only would need a linked list of the order-pages where the user is selected in the user field of the order-page at the user page. Is this possible? Thanks.
  11. pout

    great, many thanks, I will take a look.
  12. pout

    Hi, How to translate/chance the form text (form labels and link names) and e-mail text of the module? How to do this update save? thanks
  13. pout

    Hello, I am new with porcesswire. Could anybody explain how to get a page list to the user-tab. I have a page abo with the childs for each ordered abo: abo -- order1 -- order2 -- ..... The order-pages (order1, order2,...) do have the following fields: title (should I make it not global and remove?) user (referenze to user-page) course (reference to course (abo)) ... and some other How can I show a list of orders related to the user in the user-tab? I made a tab with a page-reference field. But then I have to select the order-pages. What field type is to use to get a preselected list of all orders of this user and how can I do the preselection? Thanks