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  1. I include the Tag Manager script normally. You can create a trigger in the Tag Manager which react on every change in the url. The trigger is included in the Tag which creates a Google Analytics Pageview. This works perfect and is easy to configure. Here is a screenshot from the Tag Manager (The UI is on german):
  2. We used http://barbajs.org/ for the transitions. This was for me the best tool to create good transitions. It also includes a preloading/prefetch option: http://barbajs.org/prefetch.html. When the user hovers over a link, it preloads the page. The time difference between hover and click is about 250ms to 750ms in our tests. This is in the most cases enough to load the full .html document. Here is an interesting website to test it yourself: http://instantclick.io/click-test This is how a transition works: The user hovers over a link The browser prefetches the site (Including Base64 placeholder images) The user clicks the link (The time difference between hover and click is long enough to load the document) The actual page transition out The loading screen transition in (In most cases it will skip this step because the page is already loaded) The new page transition in We can change the direction of the transition with data-attributes: <a href="/arbeit/" class="button-enter introduction-button" data-transition-direction="left">Arbeit</a> When you have other questions please feel free to ask 🙂
  3. We recently finished a relaunch of our agency website: https://www.meuter.de/ Features: Minimalistic and modern design Page transitions and preloading for a really fast browsing expierence Custom content builder for blog posts, references and subpages Content is king: Many case studies and blog posts Under the hood: Webpack with ES6 and SCSS LQIP with Base64 Images Lazy loading with lazysizes Automatic generation of scrset images, Base64 placeholder images and background positions Page transitions with barba.js Preload pages when user hover over link Interactive components which reacts on scroll events. Built with ScrollMagic Handwritten template Modules used: ProFields Markup Sitemap XML Video embed for YouTube/Vimeo Our Content Builder for a reference: Clean page structure: The code for the image generator: <?php // ------------------------------ // Image modifications // ------------------------------ /** * Responsive Image Options */ class imageModifier { // Responsive Sizes from lowest to highest private $responsiveSizes = array(320,640,768,1024,1366,1600,1920,2560); private $base64ImageWidth = 20; private $imageOptions = array( 'upscaling' => true ); // Return a string with the srcset information public function getSrcSet($image){ // Create an emptry output string $srcSetOutputString = ''; // Create each image for each size foreach ($this->responsiveSizes as $responsiveSizeId => $responsiveSizeWidth) { // Check if the image is bigger then the final size if($image->width >= $responsiveSizeWidth){ // Create the image and put the url into the output string $srcSetOutputString .= $image->width($responsiveSizeWidth, $this->imageOptions)->url; // Put the width in the output string $srcSetOutputString .= ' ' . $responsiveSizeWidth . 'w' . ','; } } //When the original image is smaller then the highest quality if($image->width < $this->responsiveSizes[count($this->responsiveSizes) - 1]){ // Create the image and put the url into the output string $srcSetOutputString .= $image->width($image->width)->url; // Put the width in the output string $srcSetOutputString .= ' ' . $image->width . 'w' . ','; } // Remove last commata $srcSetOutputString = rtrim($srcSetOutputString, ','); // Return the srcSet information return $srcSetOutputString; } //Returns the lowest quality image public function getLowestQuality($image){ return $image->width($this->responsiveSizes[0]); } //Returns the highest quality image public function getHighestQuality($image){ // if image is bigger or same than max quality if($image->width >= $this->responsiveSizes[count($this->responsiveSizes) - 1]){ return $image->width($this->responsiveSizes[count($this->responsiveSizes) - 1]); } // When image is smaller then the highest quality else { return $image; } } // Returns the base64 data string public function getBase64($image){ // Get the image path $imagePath = $image->width($this->base64ImageWidth)->filename; // Get the image extension $imageType = pathinfo($imagePath, PATHINFO_EXTENSION); // Get the data of the image $imageData = file_get_contents($imagePath); // Create the base64 Code $base64Code = 'data:image/' . $imageType . ';base64,' . base64_encode($imageData); // Return the code return $base64Code; } // Returns the position point public function getPosition($image){ // Get distance from top $distanceTop = '' . intval($image->focus()['top']); // Get distance from left $distanceLeft = '' . intval($image->focus()['left']); // Return the position with percent return $distanceLeft . '% ' . $distanceTop . '%'; } } Thanks for the community and Processwire. It is a joy to use 🙂
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