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  1. Thanks I dont find this menu "Clear Compiled Files" My processwire is "ProcessWire 2.4.0 " I dont want to make the update because i dont know if i breake the website...
  2. Hi, i allready cleaned the cache in my browsers but the website appear without the updates that i made in the code HTML... i diseable the Module PRO CACHE. It have any interference?? Im new in Processwire. Can you help me. KK
  3. ty, its already working nicely. ty for the suport!
  4. Hi Can you tell me where (files) can i find the code of the Newsletter to delete? https://icwinetrading.com/ (footer) Thanks
  5. What I need to configure in processwire with SSL Website? Because in the backoffice appear correct with the icon lock (safari, google chrome, firefox) and in the website (frontend) the icon lock don´t appear and give the message that the link of website is not totaly secures, this, ONLY in GOOGLE CHROME and SAFARI. In firefox works good. HELP ME PLEASE Many thanks
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