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  1. How about download statistics for each module? It could really help if people could see which modules are often used.
  2. Hi @Soma and others! I one of my navigations I use the following option of MSN which just works fine: 'item_tpl' => '<a href="{url_redirect|url}">{title}</a>' In an other custom navigation in which I do not use the MSN-module I wanna use just the url_redirect field. The url_redirect field works as long I have set an redirect custom url in the url_redirect field. If I do not set a redirect url (if I leave the url_redirect field empty in the backend) in the url_redirect field the link does not work anymore and I get 404 error. Isn't there an easy way with an |operator to tell processwire/php: if a custom url is set in the url_redirect field => use the custom url if a custom url is not set in the url_redirect field => just use the normal default url
  3. bud

    Hi everyone, could may somenone help? Let's say I have the following navigation in my sidebar (which works just fine with the very default settings of MSN-module). Home Solutions - Solutions Overview - Solution 1 - Solution 2 Services - Services Overview - Service 1 - Service 2 Blog - Blog Post 1 - Blog Post 2 - Blog Post 3 Also let's say the current page I visit is Solutions and here comes why I need help: Instead of rendering the menu as you can see above it should only be rendered like Solutions - Solutions Overview - Solution 1 - Solution 2 If my current page would be Blog than only Blog - Blog Post 1 - Blog Post 2 - Blog Post 3 should be rendererd. At last I do not use any .css yet and take the MSN just as it comes with its defaults.
  4. Hi @Macrura just two little questions: 1.) The new field which is to create which type of field do I have to choose? 3.) # would be a dead link but I will work with any website url ... ?
  5. bud

    1. Thanks a lot @kongondo! 2. I have no idea how to add the future request nor the correct technical words to describe the request but you or someone else could feel free to add it. 3. As long that feature is not implemented could you point me to up to date information for learning to develop my little own module. Just the basics of module creation. At last: At least for me it would be absolutely killer future if you would do it. Hopefully it does not take to much time for you if you would decide to implement it
  6. bud

    Correction: "If you do see any sense to change your module that way could maybe help me to implement" should be replaced with "If you do not see any sense to change your module that way could you maybe help me to implement ..." I think the module would be quite more powerful as it already is without any disadvantages and also if it is not to much work for you to "change" your module that way.
  7. bud

    Sorry for the confusion and yes, the pages I am "talking" about are mostly part of the processwire tree. I am talking about the default menu which you would also become if you would use the module simple markup navigation in its very basic configuration. You just get all pages witch are public and not hidden. My 1000 items are mostly processwire pages and maybe just 50 or less are not. I really wished your module would treat by default every item as it would belong to the processwire tree and gives the possiblity to change these items to link them wherever you want them. As I tested your module all of the functionality is actually there beside the "problem" (from my perspective) that the "Using the Include Children Feature" does not work if you choose "custom". Would it not be easy for you without any disadvantages for your current module if you would provide the "Using the Include Children Feature" also for the "custom" items. In my understanding custom items are nothing more than items of the processwire tree which changed to become custom items. Surely there could be also items in the menu which are maybe not in the processwire tree for some reason ... but these items are in my opinion anyways not a big deal ... If you do see any sense to change your module that way could maybe help me to implement the "Using the Include Children Feature" for the "custom" options as long that's not to complicated?
  8. bud

    1. Thanks for your help so far. Your gif demonstration shows exactly why I mentioned that your module actually works great. I am personally only missing on little functionality or something similiar which you call "Using the Include Children Feature". The "Using the Include Children Feature" just seems to work if you choose the "page" option. It seems not to work together with the "custom" option you showed in the gif. I would love to see if you could use the "Using the Include Children Feature" (takes away the work to input the items just one by one) and afterwards you may customize a few links if needed. In my example above I would use the "Using the Include Children Feature" to get all 1000 items in and afterwards customize that 50 items out of 1000 if I just could. 2. Related to the autocollapsing of the menu builder: It would already help if you just show some code to autocollapse your default implementation of the menu tree. At the moment I do not nee any great looking menu. Nothing spectacular needed as long the menu autocollapses as describe above.
  9. bud

    Addition: Let's say my very little menu example above is the whole menu. Ony 1 link (car brands) out of 4 needs customization. So I would be cool if I could just add all 4 in the first step. In the second step I only customize 1 link (car brands) as desired and done. What I did but actually becomes a huge problem when the menu becomes big: I added the item "car brands". I added the item "BMW". I added the item "Toyota". I added the item "Land Rover". All one by one. That's fine for little menus but becomes a problem with very large menus. Sorry, but I think I can not explain better in English.
  10. bud

    Let's say I have the following menu: car brands - BMW - Toyota - Land Rover I used the menu builder so far only for one reason because I can easily link every single item to wherever I want (using the custom option). In my case it was highly important that somebody can click (in the frontend) on "car brands" but lands on the first child (in the case above the child "BMW"). That's all I need so far and it works just perfect. The only thing I am missing because of convienence or also in cases the menus become very big: Let's say the menu becomes a few levels deep with a huge amount of childs and childs of childs etc. it becomes a lot of extra work to add every single item (and always one after the other) to the menu in the backend. I would be awesome if you could first add every single menu item you wanna have public on your site to the menu in the backend . Afterwards you could correct links (customize links) or even delete links. Other words: Method 1is easier and more important a lot faster than method 2 Methode 1: Implement 1000 items to your menu with on click and afterwards delete or customize 50 of them. Mehode 2: Add every single one (option "custom") of all 1000 items just one after the other even when you wanna just customize 50 of them and the 950 are uncustumized.
  11. bud

    2.) and 3.) In the settings of menu builder there is an options where you can select more than one item getting added to the menu. Also there is an option you can select if you wanna have your menu tree go along with the normal processwire menu tree but that just seems to work with "page" and does not work with "custom". Or in other words: I found no way to add a whole path( for example the items 1(parent), 1.1 (a child), 1.1.1 (a child of 1.1) ) to the menu builder when I use the custom option. I could add every item I want but only one by one. 1.) do you have some code to share related to your default menu tree (which uses just your css) where the menu tree just opens the part of the tree which is active (for example: one parent and their children should be open and everything else closed At last: If you have the right you could delete the post above because it is a duplicate of my original post and was not intended.
  12. bud

    Money, sex, ... rules a lot of peoples world! As long Github does not have to prostitute itself who would not take a big bundle of shares in worth of a few billion dollars?
  13. bud

    Hello, could someone may help me? 1. The menu builder just works fine but I am wondering if there is a way to have options for autocollapsing parts of the menu pathes as you can do with the module markup simple navigation? It would help me because my navigation is pretty large and I should not view the whole navigation tree after a fresh installation of the module. 2. The menu option "custom" works great for custom links but I have found no way to "import" a whole path of the processwire tree into the menu builder as you can do with the option "page". What could I do instead of getting all the menu items in just one by one? 3. I also tried first to use the "custom" option of the module for importing a whole items path and then switch over to the "custom" options but it seems not to be possible. May someone could help?