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  1. Update: I found multiple empty files in the wire folder. After i reuploaded the wire folder two days ago through the console, i didn´t check if every file was uploaded correctly. I opened the first file mentioned in the error and it was empty, so i uploaded it manually and repeated that process for 7 more files. Now everything seems to work fine. I have absolutely no idea why or how this can happen, nor the correlation to the Core Update. Seems really strange. Anyway, thank you guys for your replies!
  2. Senseering.de/prozesswire is the frontend. senseering.de/processwire/processwire ist the backend.
  3. After i reuploaded the wire folder and cleared the cache the error changed (activated the debug mode): http://senseering.de/processwire/ Processwire is still not accessible throug back- or frontend.
  4. Link to the Backend: http://senseering.de/processwire/processwire Backend & Frontend are both not accessible.
  5. 500 Error after the latest Core Update. I have no idea why and what causes the problem, or how to solve it. (Maybe reupload the wire folder?) Any ideas?
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