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  1. phillipschmitz

    Update: I found multiple empty files in the wire folder. After i reuploaded the wire folder two days ago through the console, i didn´t check if every file was uploaded correctly. I opened the first file mentioned in the error and it was empty, so i uploaded it manually and repeated that process for 7 more files. Now everything seems to work fine. I have absolutely no idea why or how this can happen, nor the correlation to the Core Update. Seems really strange. Anyway, thank you guys for your replies!
  2. phillipschmitz

    Is there any other idea that i can test?
  3. phillipschmitz is the frontend. ist the backend.
  4. phillipschmitz

    Emptying the Cache Folder changes nothing.
  5. phillipschmitz

    After i reuploaded the wire folder and cleared the cache the error changed (activated the debug mode): Processwire is still not accessible throug back- or frontend.
  6. phillipschmitz

    Link to the Backend: Backend & Frontend are both not accessible.
  7. 500 Error after the latest Core Update. I have no idea why and what causes the problem, or how to solve it. (Maybe reupload the wire folder?) Any ideas?