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  1. In a file that I didn't write there is a WireArray::filter() with sort=COMPANY_NAME_sort_order. Reading the sort sectio of the processwire selectors documentation gave me the impression that you can only sort by fields, however COMPANY_NAME_sort_order isn't a field. What am I missing?
  2. Thank you! I was able to find the page I was looking for by using search and filtering by name. However I was trying to filter by path/url, but when I type anything into that filter, it shows the error: Operator '%=' is not supported for path or url unless: 1) non-multi-language; 2) you install the PagePaths module. Underneath this error it shows what looks to be the search: has_parent!=2, path%=/, limit=25, sort=url, include=unpublished Where I can see path%=/ (I just put "/" into the search). Am I doing something wrong? For some more context here's a picture of my search After playing with it some more I found out changing "Contains Text" to "Equals" fixes the problem, can you just not use that option with URL's?
  3. So I'm working on a site that already has many pages, and I'm having a hard time finding the templates and process wire pages being used. I would like to be on our website, look at a page on our website, and find where that page is in our templates/ process wire pages, given the URL. Is there a way to do this?
  4. I should note that this error doesn't occur while requiring the file, but it occurs when I try to make a 'new Captcha'
  5. I'm trying to use a class in a file outside of ProcessWire, the classes name is captcha. When trying to access it this is the error message: Uncaught Error: Class 'ProcessWire\CAPTCHA' not found I'm guessing this is ProcessWire looking for any classes in the system and not finding any, so how can I access this class?
  6. When I use $database->getTables() it returns all the fields in our ProcessWire, as long as some other things like modules and templates. I'm relatively new to ProcessWire so I'm not sure if this is what the function is meant to return, however I want the actual tables in our database. Specifically I am looking for a way to access the name of a database without hard coding the name in our sql queries. Any tips are appreciated :)
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