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  1. just called the hosting company - they have sweared that the certificate is OK... The'll issue a new one in the couple of days. THanks for the analysis. So now, i have only the option of working on my page offline and wait till they issue the new one and then reinstall - or can they change it in the background?
  2. hi, did that, login link shows now just an 404 in the hosting backend i've configured both just to do https.. and in the htaccess, i've just uncommented the 2 lines with https : RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301] no more changes done - now changed back
  3. Hi Dave, thanks much for looking into this. The full stop was just a sentence end, sry for that. But yes, the certificate errors are the problem, as not only nobody will want to see a not encrypted page, but i am also gotten thrown out from the admin backend when trying to do changes and have to reload page several times to get in again. Also, the front end works just fine 2-5 times, then there is 3-5 times a certificate error.. It is interesting, that the https://my.page.com/ with the added slash works. Do you have any idea what in the htaccess could cause this? I've already uncommented the 2 https lines.. the hosting is here https://www.easyname.com/en no idea what kind of server that is, but i am using it for years, with drupal, wp and others and never had a problem.. Do you think it would help just delete and reinstall?
  4. Hi guys, i am no programmer, but a designer who thinks wordpress is an overkill and a mammut, and i'm loving process wire and its logic. I've set up one page previously, just to learn and experiment. Now, i wanted to start building another one, but i'm still getting security exceptions and jquery errors in the console. The site has an let's encrypt SSL certificate, php7.0, and a normal mysql database - http://vivid.black Could someone please check that and tell me what is wrong? Thanks much Michaela
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