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  1. On 07/01/2018 at 6:10 PM, justb3a said:

    this is a really huge difference.. You could try to update version by version and always make sure to save module settings. Otherwise you could try to update the module settings json manually

    Thanks for replying.  I tred updating the JSON manually to change allFields from a simple string to an array, which solved the initial problem, but then I got other errors with the scf-messages page in particular... I seem to have got my system into a proper mess so will probably need to reinstall from scratch.

    One thing that puzzles me is that the documentation has changed a lot since version 0.2.1 - I can't see any reference to the scf-messages page at all in version 1.07 for example.

  2. Hi David,

    I just upgraded from ProcessWire v2.8 to v3.0.87, and it offered to automatically upgrade my SimpleContactForm module (from v0.2.1)

    This resulted in the following error:


    Error: [] operator not supported for strings (line 133 of .../site/modules/SimpleContactForm/SimpleContactForm.module)

    Any ideas how to fix this?


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