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  1. Hi @PrettyBadTweets! I think this topic might be right up your alley! https://t.co/Ot8SydIC4w

  2. RT @CodeWisdom: Happy #ProgrammersDay everyone! 🎉💻 https://t.co/5r60Ib0D4X

  3. @SarahCAndersen This is too real!

  4. It's finally here!! ? @nextthingco #PocketCHIP https://t.co/IECdC0tGYp

  5. Em Lisboa vamos nos vingar! @Sporting_CP sempre!!! @realmadrid

  6. I'm listening music on my iPhone and charging *at same time*! Outrageous I know, glad @Apple will change that! #AppleEvent

  7. Ate a full dish with chopsticks without looking like a fool! ?#lifegoals

  8. the 2 main stages of programming. https://t.co/29uDdfm72e

  9. @Gcoutoo @Sporting_CP Depois do segundo golo já não cantaram tanto...

  10. @shinypb my mind is confused. Is this tilt-shifting or a model? ?

  11. playing with circles in #love2d https://t.co/zkZqvzVwgY

  12. @MachinePix that's top level of badassery right there!

  13. RT @brianm: Current development speed is a function of past development quality.

  14. RT @boxbrown: fucking @kcgreenn RECLAIMS This is Fine https://t.co/Pnref2UMgS

  15. @tweetsauce next episode "Do we really climb stairs or it's all an illusion?"

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