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  1. Hello, I've tried all sample settings here but no luck so far. Index page works but all subpages give a 404 error. Any ideas?
  2. Hello, I moved my site to an Nginx server which does not use .htaccess but Nginx directives. Main index page is showing ok but all other urls give a 404 error. How do I convert PW's RewriteRules to the new format?
  3. Making a separate mobile version to (m.tld) is better in this case. How would it work with PW: two sets of templates using the same database for articles?
  4. Hi, what are the best options for making a PW site mobile friendly? Edit the current template and make it responsive or make a new mobile version to a subdomain? What PW modules/add-ons are there to help this process? The site is www.lentovertailu.fi
  5. Could someone have a look at the German version as well?
  6. Thanks k07n, very much appreciated. I knew there would be problems because the translators worked with a list of words/phrases and not the site itself.
  7. Cottage owner's admin uses the same layout as the rest of the site. You can register yourself to have a look but don't add a cottage there Hmm I haven't seen that in any test setups so it's very difficult to find a solution.. I haven't done any optimizing yet and it runs on a quite slow shared hosting. It will be done later. I didn't do the actual coding / setting up PW so I can't help, you can contact our coder. I think you learn a lot by experience and PW is quite intuitive. Seems like a special case to search for past dates. Most cottage owners haven't updated their reservations.. Calendar is linked but have some small bugs.
  8. Here is our website using ProcessWire, still work in progress: http://www.mokkivertailu.fi/ The site is a search engine for rental cottages in Finland. Cottage owners can register and add their information while users can search and browse the database.
  9. Problems solved after upgrading.
  10. ProcessWire I will do test with a new PW installation / new domain on this server.
  11. I am getting "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'path' of undefined" in ProcessPageList.js:155 code: if(options.selectShowPageHeader) { $.getJSON(options.ajaxURL + "?id=" + options.selectedPageID + "&render=JSON&start=0&limit=0", function(data) { var parentPath = data.page.path; parentPath = parentPath.substring(0, parentPath.length-1); parentPath = parentPath.substring(0, parentPath.lastIndexOf('/')+1); var label = options.selectedPageID > 0 ? '<span class="detail">' + parentPath + '</span> ' + data.page.label : ''; $root.children(".PageListSelectHeader").find(".PageListSelectName").html(label); }); And in template's settings page, under Parent, I get Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'numChildren' of undefined ProcessPageList.js:323 PHP Version is 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.20 System: Linux rs206486 2.6.32-37-server #81-Ubuntu SMP Fri Dec 2 20:49:12 UTC 2011 x86_64
  12. Tried with the old database that works fine in the old server: no luck so it's a server setting or similar problem. Since the database is fine.. ideas on where to look next?
  13. There was a server crash a few weeks ago that might have corrupted some tables.
  14. I have moved PW sites around before with no problems. In this case I dumped the database and moved all files via scp.
  15. I moved my site to another server and started getting these errors: "Unrecognized path" error when trying to embed an image in Tiny MCE No list of articles when trying to select related articles in our article system Child pages do not show any parent in page settings. In the old server, iframe window for embedding images is /pw-admin/page/image/?id=1025&modal=1&winwidth=1344 In the new server it is /pw-admin/page/edit/undefinedpage/image/?id=1025&modal=1&winwidth=1344 notice "edit/undefinedpage" which then leads to path errors. Removing this loads the uploaded images fine. Otherwise the site runs fine. I think all these errors are related as if some data is missing in the database or some setting is incorrect. What should I check first and can anyone take a look at our site? I can provide admin login.
  16. What forum software works best with Processwire? This site uses IP.Board. Is there a module that integrates it with the site so that headers, footers etc. are taken from PW and there is no need to have 2 separate versions for header/footer files?
  17. Do you mean by moving the counter code to the end of index.php? I tried that but it started logging incorrect visitor times, no idea why. It is still a bit messy.. a lot of work embedding the search script with custom php+js+css to the PW page template with it's own css+js.
  18. I have managed to get it down from 7 to 4 seconds with traditional methods: server settings, compression, optimizing images etc. with the help of Google's PageSpeed. Server response time is still an issue but not related to PW, it is caused by a visitor tracking php script. My target is to get average loading times to under 3 seconds.
  19. Thanks for the tips, I will try them out. This graph from Google's Webmaster Tools tells that there are some speed issues: The old site was a simple php page but did have the same flight search script with somewhat messy javascript.
  20. What could I do to improve site speed? I have read the posts here and turned on PW's cache and made sure mod_deflate is installed. Google's webmaster tools is reporting load time of 7.2 seconds which is quite high (it used to be 2-3 seconds in our old website with no CMS). Analytics is showing page load speeds of over 10 seconds for Firefox users - I don't know how accurate that is. I have moved the site to a VPS server and increased RAM to 1 Gb but seen no improvement in site speed. The site has very little traffic. Is it a server issue or is it more about the Javascript or images on the site? It is pretty much clean html5+css3.. Facebook plugins? I have limited knowledge on server settings. One guy optimized my other site by changing server settings and there was a huge increase in site speed. Url is www.lentovertailu.fi.
  21. Hello to all, Here is our travel site running Processwire: Lentovertailu.fi We use custom javascript+php code for comparison script and it works well in the template header. The articles use automatic resizing of images which helps a lot. Maintaining the site is effortless and the CMS offers a great base for expanding the site later. I recommend Processwire for my customers too.
  22. This is the code in the blog article template: $page->setOutputFormatting(false); $page->views = $page->views+1; $pages->saveField($page, 'views'); $page->setOutputFormatting(true);
  23. My site's articles use a page view counter that makes it possible to list top 5 most viewed articles. After enabling cache for all pages it no longer counts views. Is there any way to fix this?
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