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  1. Ok at least the stripped down version works. Thanks @SamC! I have to find out what other failure destroys the navigation ...
  2. Hi @SamC, it has nothing to do with rights or if I am logged in or not. What DaveP mentioned was right and at least I have no the first level ot items (item 1 to item 5) rendered in the navigation which I have included. I am sure it's not a big deal but it's just won't work at the moment ... I have no clue what to do at the moment. Sometimes I really think to buy a fucking wordpress theme and get the shit done ...
  3. I have: Item 1 Item 2 ... Item 5 Subitem 1.1 Subitem 1.2 Subitem 1.3 but: Subitem 2.1 Subitem 2.2 Subitem 5.1 Subitem 5.2 do not get rendered. Only the children (Subitem 1.1 - 1.3) of Item 1 get rendered but no children of the Item 2/Item 3/...Item 5 What I am missing?
  4. Thank you @SamC! I will see ...
  5. @DaveP Almost Dave, the homepage and the other parents ot the first level get rendered as desired now on any single page but the only children (at level 2 with $cc) are only shown on the homepage. Is maybe the inner/second loop also wrong or nested in the wrong way? Thanks for your help!
  6. Hi everyone! If I am on the home/root page my navigation renders as desired. If I navigate to another page (in the not processwire sense) I always get a totally different navigation rendered (always the children) what I do not want. I just would like rendering my navigation the same way as it looks when I am on the home/root page. I am quite sure I have just one stupid little failure but can not find it ... May someone could help me? Please, my have a simple solution. No need for a module ... Here is my navigation so far: <ul class="uk-navbar-nav"> <?php $root = $pages->get("/"); $children = $root->children(); // insert the following line $children->prepend($root); ?> <? foreach($page->children as $c):?> <li> <a href="#"><?= $c->title; ?></a> <div class="uk-navbar-dropdown uk-navbar-dropdown-width-2 g8-theme-mkred"> <div class="uk-navbar-dropdown-grid uk-child-width-1-2" uk-grid> <div> <ul class="uk-nav uk-navbar-dropdown-nav"> <? foreach($c->children as $cc):?> <li class=><a href="<?= $cc->url ?>"><?= $cc->title ?></a></li> <li class="uk-nav-divider"></li> <? endforeach; ?> </ul> </div> <!-- <div> <ul class="uk-nav uk-navbar-dropdown-nav"> <li class="uk-active"><a href="#">Active</a></li> <li><a href="#">Item</a></li> <li class="uk-nav-header">Header</li> <li><a href="#">Item</a></li> <li><a href="#">Item</a></li> <li class="uk-nav-divider"></li> <li><a href="#">Item</a></li> </ul> </div> --> </div> </div> </li> <? endforeach; ?> </ul>
  7. @BitPoet Thanks a lot! I will check out your code (looks quite promising).
  8. Good evening everyone! I have placed a "next-/back" button on every single page (page in a sense of people who do not know processwire) of my entire website. I would like to know which code snippet I have to place in the template so that someone is guided from the homepage to the last page of the entire website. In the same way as the markup simple navigation module can render the whole site tree I wanna make sure that if someone clicks the next button on the homepage, clicks the next button on the next page ... ends up on the last page of the entire website (without using the markup simple navigation module). In other words: Just "an easy walk" throug the entire site tree of the website by starting on the homepage. Like "pagination" for the entire website.
  9. Who ever designed that page should never get a job as designer again. Sorry, but that would-like-design is a shame for the opera house in Zürich!
  10. I just can repeat myself: I wished I had at least your understanding of E-Mail related stuff ... Anyways, hopefully you can enjoy the last days of 2017 and also have a good start in 2018.
  11. Thanks a lot @maxf5! Two little things: 1. Do you also know how to set the options or configure that not just the admin gets an email with the data which was filled in by the sender but also that every sender of an form gets an email back when he/she/(it) filled in a valid email-address? 2. Even if it's not so important would it be possible to have "verify email address having checked and still not getting an error?
  12. 1. Don't feel offended I also know/mentioned (at least somewhere) that emails plugins/modules are not easiest ones to develop and therefore you need "good working brain cells" ... 2. Very funny that I could improve the documentations if I get the module not even to work yet. The settings for spam are totally ignored at all. I can send one E-mail every 24 hours with the same ip adress and otherwise I get messages like "feed the monkey or something similar ..." 3. At the moment are just basic test fields are added like name, street ... 4. Also I do not understand when to use the prefix scf_ and when not At last: When I installed the module the first time all was fine. I could send the 3 emails and the got saved. Then I changed the spam settings to allow me more posts => no chance (feed the monkeys or ...) then I choose the fields for the response email fields => the fields are not matching in the log-file @justb3a I do appreciate your work otherwise I would not try to get it working still
  13. HaHa, good one, I will answer: The good things: 1. uikit, bootstrape for the frontend =>no problem 2. Since a long time I found out that in the field settings are validation options through the pattern functionality are for the frontend and backend. Never seen that before also I was searching a lot for validation/regex for backend ... So finally I know how to feed processwire with my regex code. The bad things: 3. I almost do not know any technical aspect of emails at all 4. I just know that people which spam others are either egoistic/bad people or both The basic needs for the forms are just: - secure validation through backend (probably no problem anymore => field settings: pattern) - an automated email response wich all the data entries of the fields which somenone inputs - csv-export (I heart that the batch child module or so similar in name could help) - spam protection with the honeypot field but no captchas: I know how to implement the field but not the functionality of the honeypot idea Thanks @bernhard I will try your code too.
  14. Hi @bernhard, thanks for sharing not just your modules but also some new stuff you are working on which often is quite informative.
  15. @alan 1. Thank you for your hints 2. Minimum time: 1Maximum time: 300 (i.e. large)Restrict submissions: 300 (i.e. large)Exclude IP: These setting did not make any difference yet. 3. I found the log files and got: 4. In the log file I always get: Number of fields does not match but I have no idea what fields have to match where. 5. I read something about that at some places you have to name the fields with scf_ and in other places not but I have no idea when to use the prefix scf_ and when not .. I appriciate your help and my personal opinion is that authors should care more about documentation.