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  1. Thanks for the suggestion! Again, all of the help here is appreciated. Have a wonderful day!
  2. Monchu, Thanks for this. I've enabled debugging in the config.php file, but I'm not seeing any php errors or otherwise.
  3. Ah, you're right. Definitely missed the edit. I checked for instances of Page::save / Page::saved / Page::saveReady in the /site/ directory (using search in VSCode) to no avail. =/
  4. @abdus, Thanks for the quick response. I've removed the module from ProcessWire but the problem has managed to persist. Additionally, the plugin claims to have been authored by Ryan Cramer (who, by my understanding, authored ProcessWire). Is there additional information I can provide to assist?
  5. I've adopted the maintenance of a site developed in ProcessWire ( v2.6.1) for a local company. Recently, I've received the complaint that pages seem to be losing their 'status' when I/they modify the content of the root (home) page. I've been able to replicate this issue on production and on a separate staging environment. In mind that this could be a module-related issue, here are the installed modules: AIOM+ (All In One Minify) for CSS, LESS, JS and HTML 3.2.1 Batch child editor 0.8.2 FieldtypeCroppableImage 0.8.4 Map Marker 2.0.6 Form Builder 0.2.5 Import Pages from CSV 1.0.5 Site Indexer (beta) 0.8.0 InputfieldCroppableImage 0.8.3 File (for FormBuilder) 0.0.1 Map Markup (Google Maps) 1.0.1 SEO 0.8.2 Markup Simple Navigation 1.3.3 Markup Sitemap XML 1.1.0 Twitter Feed Markup 2.0.1 Page Action: Delete/Trash Pages 0.0.2 Page Action: Export Pages to CSV 0.0.2 Page Action: Move 0.0.1 Page Action: Set Field Value 0.0.1 Page Action: Set Status 0.0.1 Page Edit Field Permission 0.0.3 Page Image Manipulator 0.2.1 Process Children CSV Export 0.0.2 ProcessCroppableImage 0.8.4 Forms 0.2.5 Get Video Thumbnails 0.2.8 Hanna Code 0.1.9 Jumplinks 1.3.1 ListerPro 1.0.2 Hanna Code Text Formatter 0.1.9 Video embed for YouTube/Vimeo 1.0.9 I've got a number of pages directly under the root/homepage, some of which are being set to 'hidden', 'locked', or 'unpublished' that lose such state on root page save. If there are more details that I can provide, let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Edit: Thanks to everyone for the help. It seemed to be a configuration issue in Batch child editor 0.8.2 in the 'modes' section, where 'Edit' was checked. Unchecking this prevented the properties cascade from happening.