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  1. I thank you guya for all the advice, in spite of not having your software. It was very kind of you all and much appreciated. I have Got Google, Bing and Yandex webmaster tools on the site. I have created a Sitemap for the site. I changed the robots to index, follow. I tried to setup meaningful header titles. I created a meta description for each page, but I still haven't solved the problem of song titles. Each volume has it's own page there are 64 pages. Each Page Title is Volume x of Backing Tracks and Sheet Music. The only unique thing is the Volume Number. Each Volume has 14 or 15 Backing Tracks and 14 or 15 corresponding Scores, so yes every page is unique for content, but there's just no way of showing it. I see people doing searches for song names 'Cosy Backing Track' for example, but they will never get to my site. I also see people looking for sheet music, 'When You Believe Sheet music'. Again, they will never find MY site even though I have it!!! Very frustrating. Anyhow, it's certainly better than it was, thanks to your help, It is being indexed by all three robots so we'll have to wait for a few weeks and see what turns up
  2. I'm sorry. I had no idea that this was a Joomla competitor. I was searching for help and this site came along. When we started MyMuse and Joomla were all that seemed to be available for music. I guess at least until the site starts to earn its keep, I'm stuck with it. IF we start to earn money, there is a good chance that I will dump what I have and move forward, so it might be a mistake to write me off right now. Having said that, I want to thank all the guys who have tried to help Abdus has it correctly. I tried this for the Meta Desciption : Titles : Always On My Mind, Apache, Beethoven's 5th, By The Time I Get To Phoenix, Best of Times, Fandango, Nights In White Satin, Phantom Of The Opera, Rave On, Skyfall, That'll Be The Day, The Loner, Walk Don't Run, You Raise Me Up but it adds up to 235 characters with the spaces
  3. Does the picture put us on the same page? I started putting Song names into the Keywords, but seems that it wouldn't help. If I put them in the title I end up with around 300 characters, if I don't put them in how will people be able to find the songs that they are searching for?
  4. We started this site several years ago. Did I mention that I'm 76 years old now and on a very small pension. We spent a lot on money on Domain, hosting, moving to a different host when Dayana closed down, money on MyMuse, support and so far we have made just about nothing from the site, mainly because people who promise to do things, just let you down. We we aren't selling volumes. We sell individual BTs and Individual Tabs, so a customer can buy a BT from Volume 6 and a Tab from Volume 12 and we make 3 Euros, less PayPals charge. I'm afraid I have no option but to do everything manually. I just can't justify spending more and more money for no returns. Why do I do it? You may well ask. Primarily because I love music and love playing guitar. This still doesn't answer my question, so may I rephrase it? How can I get my volume's song names into the metadata without spending more money and doing it myself?
  5. Of course you can. It's http ://www.trax-n-tabs.com. We are going to update it to http so in the next few days. This site only has the Backing Tracks that we make and sell. If you want to enjoy the demos, there is a link to my site http://www.networkingtechnology.org/pan-an The demos are free to download. we also have a YouTube Channel if you Google Trax-n-tabs YouTube, it will take you there. Enjoy the music.
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    Song Titles

    We make Backing Tracks and Sheet Music (Notation and Guitar Tablature for popular songs. We use MyMuse as the Joomla Extension to display our work. We split the songs into Volumes or Albums. Each Volume contains 14 or 15 Backing Tracks and corresponding 14 or 15 Music Scores (with Guitar Tablature). We have currently 44 volumes and counting. Originally, we left the SEO work to someone else, who it seems has done NOTHING at all, and we have zero web presence, so I'm taking this over myself. I know I have a lot of reading and research to do, but we need to start somewhere. First and foremost is how to display the song titles in each volume. Seems that using them in meta keywords isn't helpful, but if I try to put them in the title, just saying "Volume x contains the following titles and then a list of the 15 songs" we are looking at between 200 and 300 characters in the meta description. Just to get me off the ground (at least at a slow walk) can you tell me how to get my 600 song titles onto the Search Engines?
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