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    Thank you so much. To be honest, this is more programming and technical than I want to learn right now, but I will keep this information for when I have more time to sit down and get started with pw. Thank you for all the help tho!
  2. AlyxGD

    Sam, I think I am going to pass this over. I just don't have the time or patience to learn a new program right now. Where are you located? Can you do phone calls and emails with this client?
  3. AlyxGD

    Thank you Sam. I'm a freelance graphic designer and a design client wants some small changes to his website. I'm not a Web developer or programmer, not even close!! His site was built by an agency a few years ago with processwire 2.4. I have no idea about php and Web servers. The backend of the site is domain name/backend and gives the client the ability to make small changes to existing text and images blocks, but the changes he wants are more advanced. My understanding so far, is thst requires installing the whole program, and installing other requirements. No idea how to even start. I realize processwire is assuming the user has that knowledge so even the forum q&a's are way past me. I can't even figure out what to do with the zipped folder sitting on my desktop, and from the installation instructions, I can only find how to set up a new site during installation, not edit an existing site. Any help you can offer would be wonderful, or I will just confess to the client it is over my head and help him find a more appropriate Web developer. Thanks in advance, Alyx
  4. I am just starting with process wire, and have never created a website - could I get instructions on Installation? The instructions on the PW website are way too advanced. (I am trying to do changes for someone, who's previous web developer used this site). Thanks in advance