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  1. Scariest flight ever. The take off and multiple landing attempts in Amsterdam were very shaky and worrying. Wtf @KLM ?

  2. we should have #nepali #emojis as well: Headscarf emoji proposed by 15-year-old Saudi girl: https://t.co/8uwZqSYg2M

  3. 20 years so fast. #riptupac much love and respect. #tupac #2pac https://t.co/TzUV7yvODS

  4. @paypal, I mean RacistPal denies Palestinian tech firms access to platform while serving illegal west bank #PayPal4Palestine #freepalestine

  5. @Apple introduced real-time colaboration in iwork. what innovation. hahaha. ahem @Google docs, five years ago.

  6. Interesting! Quick Take: Google’s ‘In Apps’ Surface Content Stored In Apps On Android: https://t.co/JMS62zvflR

  7. #Brexit = shooting yourself in the foot? https://t.co/dyPdlRoGa9

  8. Stream The New Album From RZA & Interpol's Paul Banks "Anything But Words": https://t.co/FUvfGjP317

  9. Beautiful Netherlands. home away from home. The Amazing Netherlands in 10 Pictures: https://t.co/NSOeMN37gj

  10. Didnt know Kathmandu has 5 million inhabitants - The Expedition to #Nepal on Vimeo: https://t.co/UrMVUDOkMm

  11. Wisdom highlights https://t.co/1nuKBxMsRE

  12. de la soul are back after a long time and they continue to kick it good https://t.co/oM54D7fyCC

  13. The answer is islamaphobia! - France burkini bans in Nice, Marseille, justifiable security against Islamic… https://t.co/HqDUZNTsKU

  14. how cool is this? UberCHOPPER | The Netherlands - YouTube: https://t.co/5s5MsYlWu8

  15. Ain't that the truth. Hard to eat healthy in the west https://t.co/1IKpCL5SgK

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