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  1. I did just that. Log was stating: script 'path/to/my/xampp/domain/install.php' not found or unable to stat, referer: localhost/path I searched this error log message for possible answers. The only one so far that possibly makes sense is this could be a permissions issue? Going to try this next.
  2. Trying this was actually interesting. I ran the installer again, and at Step 3, instead of the typical messages I was receiving (noted in my original post), the screen read: Test Database and Save Configuration Database connection successful to [databasename] TEST MODE: Skipping profile import The Admin Profile part of the screen was there this time in test mode, so I filled out the information. However, on the next screen, I received this message: 404 page not found (no site configuration or install.php available).
  3. Just realized this original post is explaining almost the same exact thing I'm experiencing: However, it has no resolution, so I guess I'm picking up where that left off.
  4. I saw that post too and had enabled debugging - thank you. No change or extra debug errors, except giving me the expected errors on when I go to the index.php page of the site (since it didn't complete the install process). The browser only renders the fields that show up on step 3's page - stops after that. Yes, just tried a different browser and installation stopped at the same place.
  5. Yes, "Admin Panel Information" is missing from that page. The error log entries in the site/assets folder state "You must assign a template to the page before setting custom field values (title__data) [pageClass=Page, template=]". The error log only shows up when I go back to my project's main localhost folder, not the /install.php location (which is what the process gets stuck on). I tried using with no difference in result. Thanks for the suggestions so far! Thanks for the suggestion! I tried WAMP but got the same result: installation process stopped on same screen as before.
  6. Hello. I'm not new to Processwire (I've been using it on a Mac environment for multiple site builds), but I am new to installing it on a Windows environment. I have unsuccessfully installed Processwire 3.0.62 both via downloaded zip file and GitHub on my Windows machine. The Site Installation Profile and Compatibility Checks are successful, and I am able to get past the MySql Database screen. However, this is where the installation process stops (step 3). The Test Database and Save Configuration screen says my database connection was successful and the configuration was saved to ./site/config.php and that's it, but I know from my ProcessWire experience I should also see fields for setting up the admin login etc. on this screen. I can't go any further after this. I've redone this process multiple times. I am running XAMPP, if that helps. Any clue what could be stopping the installation process?
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