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  1. Hi! Sorry for my late answer, I had been busy and couldn't mess around with PW any further. However, setting the sql_mode to "" in my mysql configuration worked! Thank you (and all other people who responded).
  2. Hello rick, thanks for your answer. I tried a database with another name ('foobar') and the same errors occur. Edit: Hm I think there is something wrong with my php setup. I will post what was wrong once I figured this one out.
  3. Hey there, I just discovered Process Wire and wanted to give it a try, but I can't complete the installation process. I try to install it on my local Ubuntu installation. After entering the MySQL credentials I get a bunch of SQL errors on the next step of the install script. The given database exists and I'm using a user with full permissions for that DB. Some tables do exist after the step but apparently not all of them. MySQL server version: 5.7.18 PHP version: 7.0.18 Any ideas?