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  1. this is the answer GD was the problem, since it was a fresh install, i hadn't installed it... thank you all for the support !!!
  2. i restarted the services.. i deleted the directory, PW created and uploaded the file, but i cannot see it neither in backend, nor in frontend.. i noticed strange dates in uploaded files, as you see in the attached file..
  3. i did the change in /home/dim1055/etc/php5/php.ini but upload images still is not working.. i revealed my phpinfo just for debug purposes..
  4. here you can see my phpinfo.. http://1055rock.gr/zzz.php
  5. where can i find this setting to try ?
  6. this is supposed to be the rendered page with the image.. http://www.1055rock.gr/news/plastic-machinery-single-different-days-charlatans-johnny-marr/ below you can see some screenshots of the usage of field "image" with title "Featured Image" in the template..
  7. nowhere is visible.. in the first screen shot, you see that theoretically the file is uploaded, i save, i reload the page and there is no file..
  8. i upgraded the installation to the latest and checked the file/directory permissions..
  9. hello all, i recently moved a processwire site from cpanel hosting to virtualmin hosting. everything is working fine, except of the upload of featured image in an article. Field type is image, and i have disabled overwriting of existing files. when i try to upload an image, it goes to 100%, i save the page but i cant see the image. when i search the filesystem for the specific filename, i can see it inside /site/assets/files/1703/... Can anyone help me with this issue ?
  10. Hello all, i need some help to reset the admin password, in a 2.xx processwire installation. i can see and alter the tables, with phpmyadmin. The developer who made the site changed job, and a friend who is the site owner, asked me for help.. any help would be appreciated, thank you very much in advance.
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