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  1. Thank you @abdus I am also thinking on another strategy .i.e "Multiple sites with same database" but problem I see is, there will be same database of users who will have edit rights for all the sites. I want to assign edit rights to separate user for each site. And other users will not have access to that particular site. I will open another thread for this discussion so that it is easy to track. Based on the simplicity and maintainability of solution, I will select my strategy.
  2. It seems very simple solution, i.e. pointing multiple domain to same directory where all sites will have same templates and managing their database settings in config file. I think keeping assets folder different is a good idea if we ever want to export assets related to specific site. I will give it a try soon. Thank you @abdus and all for help and guidance.
  3. Thank you again @abdusIt seems amazing. This topic is little advance for me considering my knowledge, so I have few more questions. I am wondering if such type of server configuration is allowed by hosting provider and where can I edit this server configuration in CPanel. I got this doc, but it talks about different directory for each domain Also, just a quick query, can I use candy server on my shared hosting account ?
  4. Thank you @abdusand @Robin S . For @abdus answer, how can we use different domains on same site folder ? because all template files and config file will be in one folder. I am curious to understand this solution. For @Robin S , I explored little about symlinks and I discovered, it has to be allowed by hosting provider before going live.
  5. Hello, I am new to PW and learning this great tool for web development. I have already created a site for portfolio showcase using PW Same site templates will be used for different portfolio showcase with different sites / domain and different database. For all the sites front end design/display will be same. So, in future if I wan to modify display of sites, I have to edit template file [ i.e. /site/template/file.php ] for each domain, which is not a good solution. I want a solution where I will modify at single place and that will be reflected in every domain / site. Is there any way to achieve this ? Please guide