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  1. Thanks for advice. I will install Tracy Debugger. I purchased a "template" from a developer on Codecanyon, i.e. a complete Processwire site with all files and pages designed and created: https://codecanyon.net/item/seavuel-multilingual-hotel-website-with-cms-bootstrap-theme/19316343 Please advise exactly where I should paste the Example 1 code A screenshot would be ideal to see where to insert. Excuse my ignorance, but I am totally new to Processwire only ever worked on Joomla for the past five years, where "Template" has a different meaning. This is my customised site using the Seavuel website http://www.salobreapp.co.uk/
  2. Hi Rick, Thanks for advice. When you say copy the example into template file, can you advise how to do this? Please show a screenshot on where to copy the example usage. I just need to know where to copy. I am totally new to Processwire and not familiar with its structure. Do I create a page and copy the example code into that page? I am using a template that I purchased that included all files and the pages were already created.
  3. Thanks, I have read the support page and installed the module. This is all the support page provides: INSTALLATION The MarkupLoadRSS module installs in the same way as all PW modules: 1. Copy the MarkupLoadRSS.module file to your /site/modules/ directory. 2. Login to ProcessWire admin, click 'Modules' and 'Check for New Modules'. 3. Click 'Install' next to the Markup Load RSS module. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It only instructs how to install the module. But no tutorial on how to set it up. I would like instructions how to open a rss feed and display it on a page. Thanks.
  4. I would like to know if anyone has used RSS Feed Loader and Atom Feed Loader module and can advise how to set it up to open a rss feed url in a page. I could not find a tutorial or documentation other than README file: README ProcessWire RSS Loader ====================== Given an RSS feed URL, this module will pull it, and let you foreach() it or render it. This module will also cache feeds that you retrieve with it. Thanks,
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