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  1. Sergei

    Thank you so much for helping figured out accidentally restricted access rights $mo->folder ))).
  2. Sergei

    yes mo repeater foreach($page->mo("check_access=0") as $mo){ ...... does not work
  3. Sergei

    It does not work under the table displayed by the administrator, guest - no
  4. Hi please help to solve the problem. I'm trying to parse csv on the page, but not in the database. Under administrator all get the script working, for the rest is not. <?php if ($page->mo){ echo"<div class=\"table-responsive m20tb\"><table class=\"table table-striped table-bordered sm\"> <th>Ф.И.О.</th><th>Должность</th><th>Преподаваемые дисциплины</th><th>Направление подготовки и (или) специальности</th><th>Повышение квалификации</th><th>Общий стаж работы</th><th>Стаж работы по специальности</th><th>Ученая степень</th><th>Ученое звание</th>"; foreach($page->mo as $mo){ $n++; $mo->isFirst = ($n === 1); $mo->isLast = ($n === $total); if($mo->folder){ chdir('/home/admin/web/pw.loc/public_html/data/thicher/'); $f = fopen("{$mo->folder}", "r"); while (($line = fgetcsv($f)) !== false) { $id= $line[0]; $name= $line[1]; $dolg= $line[2]; $disc= $line[3]; $napr= $line[4]; $kat= $line[5]; $cval= $line[6]; $ost= $line[7]; $pst= $line[8]; $uch_s= $line[9]; $uch_z= $line[10]; $reg_z= $line[11]; $foto= $line[12]; echo "<tr><td itemprop=\"fio\">" . htmlspecialchars($name) . "</td><td itemprop=\"Post\">" . htmlspecialchars($dolg) . "</td> <td itemprop=\"TeachingDiscipline\">" . htmlspecialchars($disc) ."</td> <td itemprop=\"EmployeeQualification\" >" . htmlspecialchars($napr) ."</td> <td itemprop=\"ProfDevelopment\">" . $cval ."</td> <td itemprop=\"GenExperience\">" . htmlspecialchars($ost) ."</td> <td itemprop=\"SpecExperience\">" . htmlspecialchars($pst) ."</td><td itemprop=\"Degree\">" . htmlspecialchars($uch_s) ."</td><td itemprop=\"AcademStat\">" . htmlspecialchars($uch_z) ."</td></tr>"; } fclose($f); } } echo"</table></div>"; }?>