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  1. Giulio_.

    Maybe a wrong copy/paste. Without those lines it works perfectly!
  2. Giulio_.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! solved
  3. Giulio_.

    line 1 column 1 ... the <html> tag maybe??
  4. Giulio_.

    uh... ok... is there something wrong for you?
  5. Giulio_.

    Thank you, sorry I'm not addicted to this but... GREEN = GOOD ?
  6. Giulio_.

    Hello everyone, I'm having an issue in the ADMIN side of my processwire. I login as admin and I immediately receive the message in the attachment. "Unknown error, please try again later". 3 browsers, 2 computers, 2 IP, same error... It's strange because I can see the other parts of the ADMIN side, like SETUP, MODULES... But when I click on PAGES i see this error. Any ideas of what can I do to solve the problem? All the pages of the website are working correctly Thank YOU!