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  1. Could you show how the scripts look like ? I'm not so good at writing scripts ...
  2. @bernhard Thanks for is advice. Laragon is really great and I will use it from now on. (and thanks for the key words, maybe now I will find something specific) @flydev Thanks to you too , I think I will give Duplicator a try , instead of using ProcessExportProfile.
  3. But the Duplicator doesn't sync the changes online , right? I'm looking for something that makes me able to do something like : Develop locally set the page offline Sync server changes with local changes Sync server db with local db export local page settings to the server export local db to the server set page online
  4. OK, only for the sake of clarity. We need to : transfer the template files | FTP sync new fields, pages, tags and settings made locally and server side | import/export sync the database | Is there a tutorial for the import/export module ? Does it contains everything we need from PW except the database ? Is there maybe a tutorial for sync the database? This is just for the files , right ? I would like to do all these steps manually and if i have understood what is going on there , I would try to write a script to automate the process. In my opinion it is a big disadvantage to work on a live server, which is nothing for me.
  5. Hello pw-community My name is Alex and that is my first topic in this forum. I deal with Processwire now about one year and found a lot here without submitting any questions. But now I have not found much that would answer my question respectively I didn't know what I should look for. I have started a little web project on my PC at home using XAMPP. After building some pages, templates, fields and so on I decided to put the website online. For that part I used ProcessExportProfile (and it worked great). OK, but after making some changes I've noticed how awkward it is to "copy" all fields, tags and changes I have made. Now my question are: Is there a better workflow to develop offline and transfer the changes to the online page ? How do you all work on your web projects ? What Tools do you use? I'm using Intellij IDEA (with PHP plugin), sublime text, xampp, filezilla. Do you work with git ? I don't know if this is the right part of the forum but maybe someone has a advice or link for me. (sorry for my English, if something is noticeable. I'm from Germany ) Best regards Alex
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