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  1. Well, on the long run we expect highly dynamic content as @BitPoet has described it. I say expect, because with communities you really never know. That's why we are planning for a MVP and two pilot cities to start with. My skillset is limited, I'm actually a Scrum PO and not a software developer in the first place. So after the MVP will be a decision, either to stay with ProcessWire and get help by experienced developers as freelancers, or to employ a development team and build a custom system according to our needs. Even for building the MVP some freelancer help will be needed, I think. The reason why I asked long term questions here is: If we know upfront that ProcessWire will not be the long term solution, we would setup the VMP in a way that the backed can be replaced while keeping the frontend (e.g. let ProcessWire deliver content via REST and build an independent Vue.js client as frontend). That would be more effort and an anti-pattern for MVP where you always want to take the shortest path, but we are also considering this approach.
  2. I have not used ProCache yet, so I was just asking if its the right tool to deal with frequently changing content. Never said it would not be a solution - how could I? But as @BitPoet said, there are general concerns with caching highly dynamic content. There is already a lot for me to get into, to read and try out. First I need to get a better understanding of features like autojoin and template caching. Then I'll employ WireCache to reduce the number of mysql requests and bench again. Finally I'll try ProCache - with the impressive metrics you posted it sounds must-have. I'll post my findings afterwards here.
  3. Yes, debug mode was off during my tests. While searching the forum for sql performance some days ago I stumbled upon the RockSqlFinder post, but as it stated "outdated", I did not look closer into it unfortunately. Thanks for pointing me there, @dragan!
  4. Thanks for your fast response @Tom.. Obviously I missed the core cache system completely, thanks for pointing me there!
  5. Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forum and before I start with my questions, I want to say a big thanks to all people working on this wonderful framework! I'm a happy ProcessWire user, running a smaller site since two years and another just recently launched. Now I'm planning for a larger project and I'm wondering if ProcessWire is the right framework here, or where its limits are, especially regarding the database. The project will be a community site with typical features (profiles, events, forums) supporting local arts communities. The communities create their own content, so it will also have frequent write requests. For the MVP there will be just two pilot cities, but on the long it should support cities worldwide. I'm pretty sure that ProcessWire will have no issues with the MVP, but will it also serve it when it scales? Some test I did so far with PW 3.0.98, apache 2.4.29, php 7.2.2, mysql 5.7.19 on my desktop (Windows10_64, i3-6300/16GB/NVMe): - create a ProcessWire setup with the skyscrapers profile -- browse pages and log mysql queries -- run apache-bench against it - create another ProcessWire setup with the blank profile -- browse page and log mysql queries -- run apache-bench against it While the apache-bench results were actually good, I'm a bit scared about the number of mysql queries I've seen for a single page request. On the skyscapers/about/ I got 76 requests, on the blank home still 23. Repeating my requests, I see the same queries hitting mysql again, so there is nothing cached. Questions: - is the number of mysql queries usual? - can a layer like memcached be implemented easily? - is ProCache a solution also for frequently changing content? - are there experiences with clustering? Thank you very much for your time! Christof
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