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  1. Is There a way to enable cke editor for front-end use? If so how do I go about this, I've tried a couple of things using module->get but that didn't end up working. Thanks in advance.
  2. Is there a tutorial on how to load my classes with the autoloading, because I'm totally lost. I'm new to composer, and I don't know anyway to load my classes automatically.
  3. Hello, I've been using processwire to make ecomm websites, and web applications, and so far I love it. It's a breath of fresh air all the tools I have at my disposal. Now my question is, I have custom classes that don't extend any Processwire classes. Is there a way I can include them for Processwire to autoload for me? How would I go about this in 3.0, in 2.8 I just have _init.php add them. Do I use namespacing? How would I go about that? Sorry for the many questions, I'm a novice. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hello I just made a site-profile using the site profile export module. I made my site-profile with version 3.x (don't know if it makes a difference). The new site I'm trying to install the profile on is 3.x. I can see the site profile and I can choose it but it gets to the last part of install.php all the other profiles are still there not deleted. The second picture is the directory after I did the second page of install.php. For gigles I made another installation of processwire 2.8 and installed everything else the same way and it worked. If anyone has any ideas on how to get this fixed,
  5. I'm looking to do a specific type of module. I want to use the field-typemulti fieldtype. So what I want to accomplish is the first field part stores a category (movies, books, etc.). The Second input field would need to be an AJAX lookup that would let me choose the ID of that book so I can take it and save it into my post. So let's just say the thing I'm pulling from is IMDB, I'll choose the movie category, then On the lookup get a list of movies based on a search. IF you can point me and help me out with this i'd greatly appreciate it!
  6. Does anyone see that the wiki pages doesn't work for them either? I click any link that goes to the wiki and I get this : http://wiki.processwire.com/index.php/Module_Creation If someone could help me out or tell me what's going on with the wiki that would be great.
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