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  1. It works in the editor ... if I click the file name it opens a page and the sound play just fine!?
  2. Strange, when I changed the field to single item i now gives me the path to the file. But it add a lot off stuff. Image field single item $animal->Animalmage->url gives me /pw/site/assets/files/1020/cat.jpg File field singe item $animal->AnimalSound->url gives me /customers/7/9/6/itsystems.se/httpd.www/pw/site/assets/files/1020/cat.wav
  3. Changed the field to single item, now it works! Thanks @Soma
  4. It gives me /pw/site/assets/files/1020/
  5. Im trying to get the filename property from a file field. The file i added is a wav file. I get the url by using -> url but that is the only propery i get. I have tried with description and name and filename I have the same problem with images... i can only get url. Part of my code $animalpages = $pages->find("template=Animal"); foreach( $animalpages as $animal ) { echo($animal->AnimalSound->filename); Does not write anything echo($animal->AnimalSound->url); Gives me the url }
  6. I just hade the wrong file typ applied
  7. After i upgraded from 2.4->2.6 using the upgrade module my image field on new templated say invalid image and gets a redbackground when i try to add images. My old templated still work when i try with the same image.