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  1. I fixed this problem also with Pagefields to be honest was easier than I was expecting.
  2. ok you were right that solved the dynamic labels. But the overall issue still persists.
  3. I can see one inconsistency between my repeaters and what rayan always shows in the pictures this is rayan's one and in my case is like the below I mean the title of fields are with id and added _repeater I don't know if that make any difference or not but why is different.
  4. I still got the problem with repeaters can anyone help in that or I should go with pagefield which make my job harder to create the pages each time then import them to my user details pagefield. that's a bit ugly
  5. I did it @LostKobrakai but when I try to add them with api I have again issue I use a multiple select and send the page ID's and in processing part I do it like this but as you can see I get error. <?php $input = wire('input'); $sanitizer = wire('sanitizer'); $roles = wire('roles'); $_POST = json_decode(file_get_contents('php://input'), true); if($_POST['title']){ $task_title = $_POST['title']; } else { $task_title = ''; } if($_POST['date']){ $task_date = $_POST['date']; } else { $task_date = ''; } if($_POST['description']){ $task_description = $_POST['description']; } else { $task_description = ''; } if($_POST['priority']){ $task_priority = $_POST['priority']; } else { $task_priority = ''; } if($_POST['due']){ $task_due = $_POST['due']; } else { $task_due = ''; } $task_person = $_POST['assigned']; if($_POST['progress']){ $task_progress = $_POST['progress']; } else { $task_progress = '0'; } if(!empty($_POST)){ $task = new Page(); $task->template = 'task'; $task->parent = wire('pages')->get('/tasks/'); $task->save(); $task->title = $task_title; $task->task_date = $task_date; $task->task_description = $task_description; $task->task_priority = $task_priority; $task->task_due = $task_due; $task->task_person->add($task_person); $task->task_progress = $task_progress; $task->page_roles = 'superuser'; $task->status = Page::statusHidden; $task->save(); $session->message(__('A New Task Successfully Added')); $session->prevPage = $page; } ?>
  6. Simply because I just found out about them I'll do that.
  7. Kixe that doesn't work I tried see now in one task I have task_person = "sradesigns,ali" and in the other one I have task_person = "ali,sradesign" both are shown for user serdesign but not for ali which is wrong first of all it should show for both of them second of all it shouldn't show it to sradesign when is "sradesigns,ali" cause is not exactly sradesign and is sradesigns
  8. ok I think I mentioned wrong I have a page name Task which contain different task and each task has field like this task_person = "ali,sradesign,nona" the data for each task may vary then when I try to get all the tasks like this $tasks = $pages->find("parent=/tasks/,include=hidden,sort=-created"); I want to have a filter here to check for it in one statement not to get all the tasks first then check for that. just to get the tasks that their task_person is equal too $user->name either ali or sradesign or nona.
  9. Hi I have another issue like always I have a field in my page details that contain comma separated values like this "ali,sradesign,nona" and now I want to get pages if $user->name is ali or sradesign or nona. What do you think guys how can I achieve this? Best Regards, Ali.M
  10. any thoughts how I can fix the problem ?
  11. this will return RepeaterPageArray echo get_class($register->getFormatted(mt4)); echo "<hr>"; echo get_class($register->getUnformatted(mt4)); and this one nothing : echo get_class($register->getFormatted(mt4)->count()); echo "<hr>"; echo get_class($register->getUnformatted(mt4)->count());
  12. I did try with $register like this: var_dump($register->getFormatted('mt4')); echo "<hr>"; var_dump($register->getUnformatted('mt4')); and even like this: var_dump($users->get(1213)->getFormatted('mt4')); echo "<hr>"; var_dump($users->get(1213)->getUnformatted('mt4')); both gives me thousand of line which is impossible to check.mind you I have 53 field in each user page.
  13. I do this : var_dump($page->getFormatted('mt4')); echo "<hr>"; var_dump($page->getUnformatted('mt4')); and it shows NULL for both.
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