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  1. @virtualgadjo Thanks for the information, I decided to search the HTML tags directly and set the number of characters to a hidden field to search the pages. Good day
  2. I'm developing a module for SEO. This is because it is said that 50 to 60 characters is a good for the length of the page title. The 10 characters are only for my test environment.?
  3. Thank you very much. The selector is very powerful, and I will try to use the idea of adding hidden fields to the template.
  4. Hello, can I use the selector to extract only pages with page titles longer than 10 characters? I'm looking for a way to search directly without using the php foreach statement, as shown below. $result = $this->pages->find("template!=admin, has_parent!=2, include=all"); foreach ($result as $page) { if (strlen($page->title) > 10) { $this->table[] = $page; } }
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