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  1. Hi, I'm trying to use Metro CSS 3 Framework in one of my PW project, but the dropdown menu is not working. Anybody had this issue as well?
  2. Are there any PW IDE out there?
  3. When you do a delayed output with _main.php what if you have a very specialized page that is totally different from _main.php, then I would have to restructure _main.php into more regions or do a lot of conditionals? Would tying a template to its own _main.php (the chrome) be a better approach? That means each template can decide which _main.php to use.
  4. yeah google trends, thanks for the link I'll check it out.
  5. I think PW should be doing better than it is now in terms of usage. Recent trends points downward interest in PW. What do you think must be done about this? And by the way what's coming in PW 3.0?
  6. @BernhardB thanks for the welcome and tips, yes I'm enjoying processwire, I only notice it's kind of unresponsive in a local environment, but is acceptable in live host.
  7. I read this https://processwire.com/talk/topic/3579-tutorial-approaches-to-categorising-site-content/ Now I'm designing a German to English and vice versa table but categorized by theme. I end up doing a flat table in PW. That is one page with following fields, CategoryName (e.g. greetings, house, school, etc.),(text field). GermanWord (repeater field) EnglishWord(repeater field) That way I can search by category (i.e.find the with that category) and the user will see German/English words is that category. Example school category might show the following words, teacher, pupil, library, etc. Is it correct to say that the page design above is equivalent to row in a classic SQL join table where in the template used by that page is the join table itself?
  8. @Mike Rocket, thanks for the welcome and advice, modules looks good, I'll test them out.
  9. I see, I need to test this stuff....main.inc, the includes can ballon, the _main.php seems more flexible.
  10. @pwired, thanks for your reply, the other delayed output strategy main.inc seems not to have any advantage compared to the 2nd one you mentioned (i.e. with the _main.php). Is that correct?
  11. I've read several of the tutorials, just wondering what is a better convention, use .inc or.php extension (e.g. main.inc or _main.php)? Why have two naming conventions? Never mind,I think I got this mixed. main.inc you include,also called main.inc strategy, the _main.php is a different delayed strategy (_init.php, template, then, _main.php executes). Two different things. What to choose? I think the _main.php is more flexible.
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