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  1. Hello guys! First of all, the Frontend Editing is really handy and I'm very thankful for that. There is one little improvement I would like to have (or implement): The editing of the text element could be done not by using the contenteditable attribute, but by a TextArea. I'm using Markdown but the Frontend Editing messes around and adds HTML-Markup instead of letting the text be simply plain.
  2. Hello! Is there any way to specify module dependecies for templates? If I'm using some modules in the template, I would like to notify the user of missing modules..
  3. Thank you for the answers. I would like to generate the variations asynchronously (either by command line or ajax). The gallery without cached variations would simply output placeholders and then call the server URL to generate the image file (only if the variation doesn't exist). I think I could check for the file by assembling the filename using the base filename: Basefile: ...../site/assets/files/1021/26394017252_34b7f61884_k.jpg Check for: ...../site/assets/files/1021/26394017252_34b7f61884_k[$width].[$height].jpg If the file is missing only output the placeholder, call some URL for image generation and then load the right image.
  4. Hello! Is it posiible to get the link of the image with "$image->width(100)" without resizing the image? On pages with many images loading process can not complete due to server restrictions (exec. time). Or getting the link to placeholder if the specific image is not existent? Creating the images would than happen by executing a command line script.
  5. Hello, guys! I'm trying to display the list of notices, but unfortunately there are more informations that I would like to show: The class of the notice seems to be always 'Session'. But sometimes also 'FileCompiler'.. Here is the code: <?php if(count(ProcessWire\wire('notices'))): ?> <div id="messages"> <?php foreach (ProcessWire\wire('notices') as $notice): ?> <?php if($notice->class != 'Session') { continue; } if ($notice instanceof NoticeError) { $class = "error"; } else { $class = "information"; } ?> <div class="<?php echo $class; ?> <?php echo $notice->class; ?>"><?php echo $notice->text; ?></div> <?php endforeach; ?> </div> <?php ProcessWire\wire('session')->removeNotices(); ?> <?php endif; ?>
  6. Hello, guys! I've prepared an extract of my latest work for public usage: Template for ProcessWire with Stylus and PostCSS. It simplifies the development of the stylesheet and JS files with CSS preprocessors, autoprefixes and browser reloading. I hope it can be a good kickstart for your next project! https://github.com/leonidlezner/pwtemplate Released under MIT, no credits or copyright notices are necessary, so feel free to do with it whatever you want Update: Template works with 3.x too! And now with German Tutorial http://leogo.es/qvxul
  7. Thank you, @DaveP, but the "standard" way of PW is allowing only one mime type per template. I want to represent the same listing of posts in html or xml format. But may be I should simply create two templates and two pages. Though it is not that clean and creates additional content used only for structuring formats.
  8. Hello guys! Is it possible to render a template depending on the URL? The "normal" page by using the html-Template and with the ".xml" extension a different template? I would write a module or something, but may be there is smarter way for solving my problem
  9. Cool! Kind of hidden, but working. May be for the next version: Button somewhere in the footer or so...
  10. Hello guys, is it possible to reset the page cache from the backend? If i'm changing something in the template, I have to go to cache/Page and remove it. It would be much easier if I could reset it by clicking a button
  11. Very nice! I would help you on that, I'm quite unsure if my (at least spoken) English suffices for a longer discussion
  12. Thank you! I could compare PW to MODx only. And Wordpress is not a CMS.. I never worked with any different CMS . I don't know which CMS I would choose if I had to decide between MODx and ProcessWire. Both are powerful and have their advantages and disadvantages.
  13. Hello, guys! I've started a new series of screencasts about ProcessWire. They are in german, if there is any interest I could record also the English version. Processwire is such a great CMS, I'm totally in love So I'm trying to convince more people to use it. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwkKKtIeOzfIqF8X5gNP0_g
  14. Hello! It was solved at GitHub: https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/issues/1416
  15. I'm getting the error even with a brand new installation of ProcessWire (2.6.0).. When creating a new field of type "Comments" SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'pw_demo.field_comments' doesn't exist
  16. Hello guys! First of all: Great CMS, thanks Ryan and all contributors! Now my problem: I've install the Comments field type. When I try to create a new field of the type "Comments", the creation fails with following error: Session: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'xxxx.field_comments' doesn't exist Waht could be the problem? I've reinstalled the module, but the error occurs every time....
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